The Berkshire list

The following is a list of all the species recorded as having occured within the county of Berkshire. See the notes at the foot of this page for further information. The Berkshire List currently stands at 321.

Red-throated Diver<20002012 (2019)5 (2)5 (2)RareBRC2
Black-throated Diver<2000201555RareBRC2
Great Northern Diver<20002016 (2021)27 (9)31 (9)RareBRC3
Little Grebe    Fairly common
Great Crested Grebe    Fairly common
Red-necked Grebe<20002012 (2019)6 (2)6 (2)RareBRC3
Slavonian Grebe<20002016 (2020)26 (4)39 (5)RareBRC3
Black-necked Grebe<2017<2017 (2021) (27) (55)Very scarceBRC3
Fulmar1971200344Very rareBRC2
Manx Shearwater18832012 (2020)21 (2)21 (2)RareBRC2
Storm Petrel1929200388Very rareBRC2
Leach's Petrel1847/82016 (2021)22 (1)23 (1)RareBRC2
Gannet18652014 (2018)31 (1)32 (3)RareBRC3
Cormorant    Fairly common
Shag<20002013 (2021)15 (6)24 (13)Very scarceBRC3
Bittern    Very scarce
Little Bittern1826197234Very rareBBRC
Night-heron19761987 (2020)3 (1)3 (1)Very rareBRC2
Cattle Egret20072016 (2021)7 (24)8 (40)RareBRC2
Little Egret    Scarce
Great White Egret20032016 (2020)23 (82)23 (102)ScarceBRC3
Grey Heron    Fairly common
Purple Heron18612014 (2021)7 (1)7 (1)Very rareBRC2
White Stork19682014 (2021)7 (13)7 (15)Very rareBRC2
Glossy Ibis17932011 (2017)4 (2)5 (2)Very rareBRC2
Spoonbill19402016 (2021)27 (3)39 (7)RareBRC2
Mute Swan    Fairly common
Bewick's Swan<200020141347RareBRC3
Whooper Swan<20002015 (2020)8 (4)23 (4)RareBRC3
Bean Goose sp.19762003725RareBRC2
Taiga Bean Goose1996199612Very rareBRC2
Tundra Bean Goose19852012731RareBRC2
Pink-footed Goose<19742013 (2021)13 (3)41 (3)RareBRC2
White-fronted Goose<20002013 (2021)17 (17)99 (81)RareBRC3
Greylag Goose    Fairly common
Canada Goose    Common
Barnacle Goose<2017<2017 (2017) (9) (41)Fairly commonBRC3
Brent Goose    Very scarce
Egyptian Goose    Fairly common
Shelduck    Scarce
Mandarin Duck    Fairly common
Wigeon    Fairly common
American Wigeon1985200836Very rareBRC2
Gadwall    Fairly common
Green-winged Teal19902004 (2020)3 (1)3 (1)Very rareBRC2
Teal    Fairly common
Mallard    Common
Pintail    Scarce
Garganey<2017<2017 (2021) (47) (65)Very scarceBRC3
Blue-winged Teal1988199022Very rareBBRC
Shoveler    Fairly common
Red-crested Pochard    Scarce
Pochard    Fairly common
Ring-necked Duck19592015 (2021)11 (4)12 (3)RareBRC2
Ferruginous Duck19382016 (2017)29 (1)30 (3)RareBBRC
Tufted Duck    Common
Scaup<2017<2017 (2021) (14) (14)Very scarceBRC3
Lesser Scaup20072014 (2018)3 (2)3 (2)Very rareBBRC
Eider<18142010 (2020)13 (1)47 (1)RareBRC2
Long-tailed Duck19612012 (2017)18 (1)21 (1)RareBRC2
Common Scoter<2017<2017 (2021) (36) (101)Very scarceBRC3
Velvet Scoter179520162144RareBRC2
Goldeneye    Fairly common
Smew    Scarce
Red-breasted Merganser<2017<2017 (2019) (10) (18)RareBRC3
Goosander    Fairly common
Ruddy Duck<20142014 (2020)1 (1)1 (1)RareBRC2
Honey-buzzard17932016 (2021)51 (6)60 (6)RareBRC2
Black Kite20012001 (2017)1 (1)1 (1)Very rareBRC2
Red Kite    Fairly common
White-tailed Eagle18511865 (2021)5 (8)6 (8)Very rareBRC2
Marsh Harrier<2017<2017 (2021) (26) (29)Very scarceBRC3
Hen Harrier<2017<2017 (2021) (26) (26)Very scarceBRC3
Montagu's Harrier<2016201622Very scarceBRC2
Goshawk<19742015 (2021)21 (19)22 (32)RareBRC2
Sparrowhawk    Fairly common
Buzzard    Fairly common
Rough-legged Buzzard19312011 (2019)20 (2)23 (5)RareBRC2
Spotted Eagle1872187211Very rareBBRC
Golden Eagle1924192411Very rareBRC2
Osprey<2017<2017 (2021) (30) (30)Very scarceBRC3
Kestrel    Fairly common
Red-footed Falcon197320141011Very rareBRC2
Merlin<2017<2017 (2021) (58) (59)Very scarceBRC3
Hobby    Scarce
Gyr Falcon1970197122Very rareBBRC
Peregrine    Fairly common
Red-legged Partridge    Fairly common
Grey Partridge    Fairly common
Quail<2017<2017 (2021) (26) (42)ScarceBRC3
Pheasant    Very common
Water Rail    Scarce
Spotted Crake<19742014 (2018)20 (1)22 (2)RareBRC2
Sora Rail1864186411Very rareBBRC
Baillon's Crake1972197211Very rareBBRC
Corncrake1974200866Very rareBRC2
Moorhen    Common
Coot    Common
Crane19762015 (2018)9 (4)26 (10)Very rareBRC2
Little Bustard1958195811Very rareBBRC
Great Bustard1856185611Very rareBBRC
Oystercatcher    Scarce
Black-winged Stilt19221945 (2019)2 (1)6 (1)Very rareBRC2
Avocet19362016 (2021)58 (13)111 (21)RareBRC3
Stone-curlew    Very scarce
Black-winged Pratincole1976197611Very rareBBRC
Little Ringed Plover    Scarce
Ringed Plover    Fairly common
Killdeer1984198411Very rareBBRC
Kentish Plover1935198666Very rareBBRC
Dotterel<19742013912Very rareBRC2
Golden Plover    Fairly common
Grey Plover<2018<2018 (2021) (5) (7)Very scarceBRC3
Sociable Plover1991199111Very rareBBRC
Lapwing    Common
Knot<20002016 (2021)30 (9)163 (13)RareBRC3
Sanderling<2017<2017 (2021) (48) (107)ScarceBRC3
Little Stint<2017<2017 (2019) (4) (5)RareBRC3
Temminck's Stint<20002010913RareBRC3
Least Sandpiper1975197511Very rareBBRC
White-rumped Sandpiper(2022) (2022) (1) (1)Very rareBRC2
Pectoral Sandpiper19442016 (2017)18 (1)18 (1)RareBRC2
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper1975197511Very rareBBRC
Curlew Sandpiper<20002016 (2021)16 (2)26 (4)RareBRC2
Purple Sandpiper19832015 (2017)7 (1)7 (1)Very rareBRC2
Dunlin    Fairly common
Broad-billed Sandpiper1956195611Very rareBBRC
Ruff    Scarce
Jack Snipe    Scarce
Snipe    Common
Great Snipe<1868195666Very rareBBRC
Woodcock    Fairly common
Black-tailed Godwit    Very scarce
Bar-tailed Godwit<2017<2017 (2021) (8) (18)RareBRC3
Whimbrel    Scarce
Curlew    Scarce
Spotted Redshank<20002016 (2021)19 (4)21 (4)RareBRC2
Redshank    Fairly common
Greenshank    Scarce
Lesser Yellowlegs1953195311Very rareBRC2
Green Sandpiper    Fairly common
Wood Sandpiper<2017<2017 (2021) (23) (26)Very scarceBRC3
Common Sandpiper    Fairly common
Turnstone    Very scarce
Wilson's Phalarope1979198722Very rareBBRC
Red-necked Phalarope1932201579Very rareBRC2
Grey Phalarope18512014 (2018)30 (4)36 (6)RareBRC2
Pomarine Skua18772012719Very rareBRC2
Arctic Skua19342014 (2021)24 (3)33 (6)RareBRC2
Long-tailed Skua1978201388Very rareBRC2
Great Skua19802014 (2018)11 (1)14 (1)Very rareBRC2
Mediterranean Gull    Scarce
Laughing Gull2005200511Very rareBBRC
Little Gull<2017<2017 (2021) (65) (223)ScarceBRC3
Sabine's Gull19872016 (2017)15 (2)23 (2)Very rareBRC2
Bonaparte's Gull20132013 (2020)1 (1)1 (1)Very rareBBRC
Black-headed Gull    Very common
Ring-billed Gull198420051010Very rareBRC2
Common Gull    Fairly common
Lesser Black-backed Gull    Common
Herring Gull    Common
Caspian Gull20002016 (2021)86 (75)98 (90)Very scarceBRC2
Yellow-legged Gull<2017<2017 (2018) (6) (8)Fairly commonBRC3
Iceland Gull19402016 (2019)55 (6)61 (6)RareBRC2
Glaucous Gull<19742016 (2019)56 (4)58 (4)RareBRC2
Great Black-backed Gull    Fairly common
Kittiwake<2017<2017 (2020) (13) (14)Very scarceBRC3
Caspian Tern1979197911Very rareBBRC
Sandwich Tern<2017<2017 (2021) (37) (75)Very scarceBRC3
Roseate Tern1967201389Very rareBRC2
Common Tern    Fairly common
Arctic Tern<2017<2017 (2021) (35) (106)ScarceBRC3
Little Tern<2017<2017 (2017) (3) (3)Very scarceBRC3
Whiskered Tern2005200511Very rareBBRC
Black Tern    Scarce
White-winged Black Tern1948199489Very rareBRC2
Guillemot1904198677Very rareBRC2
Razorbill1948194811Very rareBRC2
Little Auk180720071522RareBRC2
Pallas's Sandgrouse18881908537Very rareBBRC
Feral Pigeon    Common
Stock Dove    Common
Woodpigeon    Abundant
Collared Dove    Very common
Turtle Dove<2017<2017 (2021) (14) (15)Very scarceBRC2
Ring-necked Parakeet    Fairly common
Cuckoo    Fairly common
Barn Owl    Scarce
Little Owl    Scarce
Tawny Owl    Fairly common
Long-eared Owl<2017<2017 (2021) (12) (24)Very scarceBRC2
Short-eared Owl    Scarce
Tengmalm's Owl1864186411Very rareBBRC
Nightjar    Scarce
Swift    Common
Alpine Swift1955201055Very rareBRC2
Kingfisher    Fairly common
Roller1927192711Very rareBBRC
Hoopoe<20002013 (2020)8 (3)8 (3)RareBRC3
Wryneck<20002014 (2021)17 (8)17 (8)RareBRC2
Green Woodpecker    Common
Great Spotted Woodpecker    Common
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker<2017<2017 (2021) (21) (22)Very scarceBRC2
Short-toed Lark1987198711Very rareBRC2
Woodlark    Fairly common
Skylark    Very common
Shore Lark1973199822Very rareBRC2
Sand Martin    Fairly common
Swallow    Common
Red-rumped Swallow1992199933Very rareBRC2
House Martin    Common
Richard's Pipit1967201288Very rareBRC2
Tawny Pipit1975197511Very rareBBRC
Olive-backed Pipit1984198411Very rareBRC2
Tree Pipit    Fairly common
Meadow Pipit    Very common
Red-throated Pipit1979197911Very rareBBRC
Rock Pipit<2017<2017 (2021) (22) (28)Very scarceBRC3
Buff-bellied Pipit2012201212Very rareBBRC
Water Pipit<2017<2017 (2021) (29) (46)Very scarceBRC3
Yellow Wagtail    Fairly common
Grey Wagtail    Fairly common
Pied Wagtail    Common
Waxwing<2017<2017 (2018) (6) (43)RareBRC2
Dipper18032010 (2015)25 (1)29 (1)RareBRC2
Wren    Abundant
Dunnock    Very common
Robin    Abundant
Nightingale    Fairly common
Bluethroat1972200933Very rareBRC2
Black Redstart<2017<2017 (2021) (26) (39)Very scarceBRC3
Redstart    Scarce
Whinchat    Fairly common
Stonechat    Scarce
Siberian Stonechat1986198611Very rareBBRC
Wheatear    Fairly common
Ring Ouzel<2017<2017 (2021) (39) (58)Very scarceBRC3
Blackbird    Abundant
Black-throated Thrush1998199811Very rareBBRC
Fieldfare    Common
Song Thrush    Very common
Redwing    Common
Mistle Thrush    Common
Cetti's Warbler    Scarce
Grasshopper Warbler    Scarce
Savi's Warbler1968196811Very rareBBRC
Aquatic Warbler1944199155Very rareBBRC
Sedge Warbler    Common
Paddyfield Warbler1997199711Very rareBBRC
Marsh Warbler190919971214RareBRC2
Reed Warbler    Common
Great Reed Warbler1960201444Very rareBBRC
Icterine Warbler1963201544Very rareBRC2
Melodious Warbler1972198633Very rareBRC2
Dartford Warbler    Scarce
Lesser Whitethroat    Fairly common
Whitethroat    Very common
Garden Warbler    Common
Blackcap    Very common
Pallas's Warbler2013201311Very rareBRC2
Yellow-browed Warbler19862016 (2021)12 (9)12 (11)RareBRC3
Radde's Warbler(2019) (2019) (1) (1)Very rareBRC2
Bonelli's Warbler sp.1975197511Very rareBBRC
Wood Warbler<2017<2017 (2021) (12) (12)RareBRC2
Chiffchaff    Very common
Willow Warbler    Common
Goldcrest    Very common
Firecrest    Scarce
Spotted Flycatcher    Fairly common
Pied Flycatcher<2018<2018 (2021) (9) (10)RareBRC2
Bearded Tit<19742013 (2019)30 (3)99 (6)RareBRC2
Long-tailed Tit    Common
Marsh Tit    Fairly common
Willow Tit<2017<2017 (2021) (21) (55)Very scarceBRC3
Coal Tit    Common
Blue Tit    Abundant
Great Tit    Abundant
Nuthatch    Common
Treecreeper    Common
Penduline Tit1988198811Very rareBRC2
Golden Oriole<18682014 (2018)13 (3)16 (3)RareBRC2
Red-backed Shrike<20002015 (2021)5 (2)5 (2)RareBRC2
Great Grey Shrike<20002016 (2018)21 (4)21 (4)RareBRC3
Woodchat Shrike1989199122Very rareBRC2
Jay    Common
Magpie    Very common
Nutcracker1968196834Very rareBBRC
Jackdaw    Very common
Rook    Very common
Carrion Crow    Very common
Hooded Crow19201980 (2021)13 (2)33 (2)RareBRC2
Raven    Scarce
Starling    Very common
Rose-coloured Starling18101975 (2019)3 (1)3 (1)Very rareBRC2
House Sparrow    Very common
Tree Sparrow<200020121845RareBRC2
Chaffinch    Abundant
Brambling    Common
Serin1986201555Very rareBRC2
Greenfinch    Very common
Goldfinch    Very common
Siskin    Fairly common
Linnet    Fairly common
Twite19602006 (2017)18 (2)34 (4)Very rareBRC2
Lesser Redpoll    Common
Mealy Redpoll19362014 (2019)64 (5)134 (30)RareBRC2
Two-barred Crossbill1890189014Very rareBBRC
Common Crossbill    Scarce
Parrot Crossbill19831983 (2017)1 (1)4 (16)Very rareBRC2
Common Rosefinch1982201533Very rareBRC2
Pine Grosbeak1901190111Very rareBBRC
Bullfinch    Fairly common
Hawfinch<2017<2017 (2021) (68) (494)Very scarceBRC3
Lapland Bunting19672010 (2019)18 (2)21 (2)RareBRC2
Snow Bunting<20002014 (2021)13 (2)16 (2)RareBRC2
Yellowhammer    Common
Cirl Bunting<19741981811Very rareBRC2
Ortolan Bunting1860s2007 (2017)3 (1)5 (1)Very rareBRC2
Little Bunting1987198711Very rareBRC2
Reed Bunting    Common
Corn Bunting    Fairly common


The statistics have been compiled from The Birds of Berkshire, the annual reports of the ROC and BOC, and for more recent records from submissions to this website. The statistics include records that are yet to be accepted in brackets.


The year in which the species was first and last recorded in Berkshire.

No. Records

The number of records of the species.

No. Birds

The number of individual birds involved in the records.

Rarity Status

The categories are defined by the BRC as follows: