Recent sightings of Avocet

13/06/21AvocetLower Farm GP1M J Dear
13/06/21AvocetLower Farm GP1N Cleere
27/08/20AvocetLower Farm GP1N Cleere
Blind in left eye. Found by IW and JB. When I returned at 12.00, a local resident was walking around the G.P. with his 2 kids and had flushed everything. When confronted, he said he knew it was private property and that he did it all the time and would continue to do so. There are times when I just don't know how to deal with morons!!!  
13/04/19AvocetLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1F Hutchinson
On bund from bittern hide.  
15/04/18AvocetQueen Mother Reservoir1A B Tomczynski
Flew overhead calling by pier then landed several times in different locations in adjacent Horton Rd GP, but very restless and flew off north east after about 10mins. Permit holders only.  
09/04/18AvocetLower Farm GP2R Keel
Still showing well at 16:45 on end of grassy spit. Also seen by NC and MJD. Very distinctive. At first feeding with sideswipes of of upcurved beak. Leg colour not seen due to depth of water. Mainly white with black cap ,bill and markings on wing. Appeared to be roosting when we left at 16:45. No sign the following morning.  
17/03/18AvocetMain Pit, Theale GPs1K E Moore
found by AM @ 0820 on East Island .  
17/03/18AvocetMain Pit, Theale GPs1A B Tomczynski
Found by AM. Roosting on south shore of large middle eastern island only viewable from south shore.  
04/12/17AvocetQueen Mother Reservoir2A B Tomczynski
Still present at dusk. Permit holders only.  
04/12/17AvocetQueen Mother Reservoir2P J Newbound
Roosting on N Bank with gulls.visible from Club House. Permit holders only.  

Past records of Avocet

2020Lower Farm GP, 27th August. *
2019Dinton Pastures CP, 13th April. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 2, 14th May. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 15th April. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 2, 9th April. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 4, 26th March. *
2018Theale GPs, 17th March. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 4th December. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 2, 4th-12th December. *
2017Padworth Lane GP, 22nd August. *
2017Padworth Lane GP, 22nd August. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, two adult, 14th August. *
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 14th September.
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, 15th April.
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd January.
2015Slough SF, 11th May.
2014Eversley GP, 12th July.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 14th May.
2014Dorney Wetlands, 10th April.
2013Theale GPs, 7th April.
2013Theale GPs, 26th March.
2013Englefield, 9th March.
2012Lower Farm GP, 30th May.
2012Moor Green Lakes, 4th May.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, 24th April.
2012Horton, 21st March.
2012Pingewood GPs, 14th March.
2011Eversley GP, 6th April.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 5th March.
2011Theale GPs, 14th February.
2010Moor Green Lakes, 11th-16th October.
2010Theale GPs, two, 22nd September.
2010Moor Green Lakes, 24th April.
2009Summerleaze GP, 23rd June.
2009Theale GPs, 31st March.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, 19th March.
2008Lea Farm Lake, two, 11th May.
2008Theale GPs, two, 31st March.
2007Moor Green Lakes, 20th April.
2007Woolhampton GPs, 22nd March.
2004Theale GPs, juvenile, 14th December.
2004Burghfield GPs, 25th April.
2004Dorney Wetlands, 16th April.
2004Pingewood GPs, 2nd April.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, nine, 29th November.
2003Woolhampton GPs, 9th March.
2003Dorney Wetlands, 4th March.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, 25th February.
2002Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 22nd August.
2000Theale GPs, three adults, 11th September.
1999Theale GPs, nine, 26th April.
1999Theale GPs, five, 24th April.
1999Theale GPs, 9th March.
1998Tickleback Row, 22nd April.
1996Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th October.
1996Theale GPs, two, 24th March.
1995Horton GPs, six, 2nd March.
1992Moor Green Lakes, 26th April.
1992Thatcham GPs, 20th April.
1992Theale GPs, 11th March.
1991Lower Farm GP, 17th November.
1989Queen Mother Reservoir, 1st December.
1984Dinton Pastures CP, 13th March.
1981Theale GPs, three, 7th May, also 25th May.
1980Theale GPs, 5th June.
1976Twyford GPs, 24th April to 1st May.
1970Manor Farm SF, 6th December.
1969Ham SF, 16th September.
1951Burghfield GPs, 4th May.
1936Manor Farm SF, 10th May.