Thatcham GPs

Grid Reference: SU5066

Recent sightings at Thatcham GPs

12/04/20Reed WarblerThatcham GPs1N Dalton
Very vocal. SU5066.  
08/04/17GarganeyThatcham GPs1P E Hutchins
ad drk. Showing well on the 'pool' to the south-west of the hide, viewable from the path between the hide and the canal (per Simon Yates).  
26/04/15Reed WarblerThatcham GPs1R Keel
26/04/15CuckooThatcham GPs1R Keel
Possibly two.  
26/04/15WhitethroatThatcham GPs2R Keel
26/04/15SwiftThatcham GPs11R Keel
26/04/15Common SandpiperThatcham GPs1R Keel
On island South of TNDC.  
18/04/14KingfisherThatcham GPs1R Keel
18/04/14Sedge WarblerThatcham GPs4R Keel
18/04/14Reed WarblerThatcham GPs1R Keel