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1C D R Heard252Note: ALL dates for scarcities refer to accepted records - published in the Birds of Berkshire reports (or the MTNHS/LNHS reports that preceded them). For those species found on multiple occasions, a more interesting date or location may be cited instead of the first one. No dates for Turtle Dove or Nightingale because, in the 1960s, both used to breed in the woods behind our house in Cheapside.16/11/2021
2N Cleere217 31/05/2024
3D J Barker213This list is from Feb 12th 1983, when I began to record my sightings. All of my records of rare/scarce species mentioned here have been accepted by the BRC up until 2015 (the last published report). Later records were either seen by many observers, have appeared on Berks Birds or have descriptions sent to the recorder. 04/12/2023
4M F Walford183 27/04/2024
5D A Carter181 19/11/2021
6R J Godden174 17/12/2022
7J M Clark16727/11/2017
8S A Graham151Tidied up to comply with a stricter interpretation of the rules.29/08/2019
2022Robert Godden118