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1F J Cottington2091981 to present29/01/2023
2B T Bennett191 15/10/2023
3N Cleere186Covers just the G.P. and Trout lake and surrounding fields.14/02/2023
4D A Carter180The old sewage farm area,so from M4 motorway to the edge of Dorney common,and from Wood Lane footbridge,to the county boundary the other side of west marsh on jubilee river.17/12/2022
5R H Stansfield176 19/10/2023
6R J Godden172Includes Horseshoe Lake14/04/2023
=M F Walford172 14/10/2023
8R C Watts139 01/05/2022
9M Terry130This is my Patchwork Challenge 'work' patch, centred on Hosehill, but taking in the Main Pit, Bottom Lane GP, the Theale swing bridge and the top of Bennett's Hill. I'll have to search the archives for some of the particular dates.17/08/2015
10S A Graham92 10/11/2022
11S Robertson91 24/08/2022
2022Roger Stansfield121
2021Roger Stansfield124
2020Brian Bennett112
2019Roger Stansfield133
2018Nigel Cleere133
2017Nigel Cleere132
2016Nigel Cleere128
2015Marek Walford130

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