Rare breeding birds policy

Rare breeding birds face a number of threats, including illegal persecution and egg collecting, and increasingly from inadvertent disturbance from birders and photographers.

The RBBP's guidance on reporting rare breeding birds gives some context.

Sightings and photos of the following (mostly RBBP and/or Schedule One) potential breeding species are automatically hidden. This may be year round or during the breeding season. Some records may be manually released if the location isn't a regular breeding site.

For records of species not covered by this policy that are at sensitive locations, there is the option of ticking the "Confidential" box when submitting sightings.

Little EgretRBBPBreeding season
Ruddy DuckRBBPYear round
Honey-buzzardRBBP, Schedule OneYear round
Montagu's HarrierRBBP, Schedule OneYear round
GoshawkRBBP, Schedule OneYear round
PeregrineRBBP, Schedule OneBreeding season
QuailRBBP, Schedule OneBreeding season
Stone-curlewRBBP, Schedule OneYear round
Little Ringed PloverRBBP, Schedule OneBreeding season
Mediterranean GullRBBP, Schedule OneBreeding season
Turtle DoveRBBPYear round
Barn OwlSchedule OneBreeding season
Long-eared OwlRBBPYear round
Short-eared OwlRBBPYear round
Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerRBBPBreeding season
WoodlarkRBBP, Schedule OneYear round
Black RedstartRBBP, Schedule OneYear round
Dartford WarblerRBBP, Schedule OneYear round
FirecrestSchedule OneBreeding season
Willow TitRBBPYear round
HawfinchRBBPBreeding season