Derek Barker's self-found life list


Great Northern DiverNov 20th 2009Queen Mother Res
Little GrebeFeb 26th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
Great Crested GrebeFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
Red-necked GrebeJan 22nd 1987River Thames, Cookham
Slavonian GrebeOct 25th 1987Queen Mother Res
Black-necked GrebeJul 28th 2013Great Meadow Pond
GannetSep 28th 2007Compton Downs
CormorantFeb 24th 2983Bray GP
ShagMar 12th 1986R Thames opposite Marlow
BitternMar 8th 1997Thatcham Marsh
Cattle Egret********************
Little Egret********************
Great White EgretAug 11th 2019Great Meadow Pond
Grey HeronFeb 20th 1983Ockwell's Park, Maidenhead
Glossy IbisDec 11th 2010Leverton near Hungerford
SpoonbillMay 28th 2000Lower Farm GP
Mute SwanFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
Bewick's SwanJan 16th 1987Queen Mother Res
Whooper SwanDec 11th 2010Leverton near Hungerford
White-fronted GooseFeb 7th 1992Twyford GPs
Greylag GooseApr 24th 1983Burghfield GPs
Canada GooseFeb 26th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
Barnacle GooseJan 16th 1987Wraysbury
Brent GooseJan 22nd 1987Cock Marsh (record appears in 1988 report)
Egyptian GooseFeb 26th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
ShelduckJan 19th 1985Wraysbury GPs
Mandarin DuckApr 16th 1983Virginia Water
WigeonFeb 26th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
GadwallFeb 26th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
Green-winged TealMar 4th 2004Bray GPs
TealFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
MallardApr 1st 1983Summerleaze GP
PintailFeb 23rd 1991Slough Sewage Farm
GarganeyMay 29th 1984Dinton Pastures CP
ShovelerFeb 26th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
Red-crested PochardJan 25th 1992Smallmead GP
PochardFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
Ferruginous DuckJan 20th 2019Great Meadow Pond
Tufted DuckFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
ScaupDec 29th 1995Bray GPs
Long-tailed DuckFeb 28th 1986Queen Mother Res* (wrongly attributed to another observer however I was the finder, recorders error)
Common ScoterMar 28th 2017Queen Mother Res
GoldeneyeMar 10th 1984Summerleaze GP
SmewDec 28th 1984Wraysbury GPs
Red-breasted MerganserJan 20th 1987Queen Mother Res
GoosanderJan 12th 1985Queen Mother Res
Ruddy Duck********************
Red KiteMar 18th 1995Combe Hill
Marsh HarrierApr 17th 2001Woodlands Park Fields
Hen HarrierFeb 7th 1988Compton Downs
Montagu's Harrier********************
SparrowhawkApr 23rd 1983Hurley
BuzzardFeb 14th 1988Combe Hill
Rough-legged BuzzardMar 18th 1995Combe Hill
OspreyMar 29th 1993Summerleaze GP
KestrelFeb 22nd 1983M4 Junction 8/9
MerlinSep 17th 1983Cock Marsh
HobbyMay 4th 1985Wishmoor Bottom
Red-legged PartridgeOct 20th 1983Bisham
Grey PartridgeApr 9th 1983Summerleaze GP
PheasantFeb 26th 1983Ruscombe
Water RailOct 10 1984Theale GPs
MoorhenFeb 12th 1983Warren Row
CootFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
OystercatcherMay 31st 1991Moor Green Lakes (EGPs)
AvocetAug 14th 2017Queen Mother Res
Little Ringed Plover********************
Ringed PloverApr 1st 1984Burghfield GPs
DotterelMay 6th 2013Walbury Hill
Golden PloverDec 8th 1984Burghfield GPs
Grey PloverAug 6th 1985Slough Sewage Farm
LapwingFeb 20th 1983Ockwell's Park, Maidenhead
KnotApr 14th 1986Slough Sewage Farm (independently found, no prior knowledge of birds presence.)
SanderlingMay 16th 1990Slough Sewage Farm
Little StintAug 14th 1985Slough Sewage Farm
Temminck's StintMay 31st 1991Moor Green Lakes (EGPs)
Pectoral SandpiperJul 25th 1985Summerleaze GP
Curlew SandpiperSep 8th 1988Slough Sewage Farm
DunlinJan 12th 1985Wraysbury GPs
RuffJul 30th 1985Slough Sewage Farm
Jack SnipeJan 13th 1985Burghfield GPs
SnipeApr 9th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
WoodcockMay 5th 1983Caesar's Camp, Swinley Forest
Black-tailed GodwitJul 21st 1987Slough Sewage Farm
Bar-tailed GodwitMay 7th 1993Bray GPs
WhimbrelJul 22nd 1988Slough Sewage Farm
CurlewJan 19th 1985Wraysbury GPs
Spotted RedshankSep 1st 1987Slough Sewage Farm (Wrongly attributed to another observer however I was the finder, Recorders error)
RedshankApr 30th 1983Theale GPs
GreenshankAug 27th 1984Burghfield GPs
Green SandpiperFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
Wood SandpiperAug 14th 1985Slough Sewage Farm
Common SandpiperSep 17th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
TurnstoneJul 30th 1985Slough Sewage Farm
Red-necked PhalaropeMay 4th 2000Moor Green Lakes (EGPs)
Mediterranean Gull********************
Little GullJan 16th 1987Queen Mother Res
Black-headed GullFeb 12th 1983Warren Row
Common GullMar 26th 1983Ockwell's Park, Maidenhead
Lesser Black-backed GullSep 22nd 1983Burghfield GPs
Herring GullFeb 26th 1983Ruscombe
Caspian GullJan 23rd 1999Wraysbury GPs
Yellow-legged GullNov 30th 1991Moatlands GP
Iceland GullJan 18th 2002Dinton Pastures CP
Glaucous GullFeb 27th 2019Queen Mother Res
Great Black-backed GullAug 17th 1983Cock Marsh
KittiwakeMar 12th 2005Moatlands GP
Sandwich TernSep 1st 1998Queen Mother Res
Common TernApr 30th 1983Theale GPs
Arctic TernMay 4th 1994Bray GPs
Little TernMay 22nd 2002Dorney Wetlands
Black TernJul 20th 1987Slough Sewage Farm (wrongly attributed to another observer, corrected in 1988 report)
Feral PigeonFeb 24th 1983Maidenhead
Stock DoveFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
WoodpigeonFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Collared DoveFeb 12th 1983Warren Row
Turtle Dove********************
Ring-necked ParakeetMay 10th 1985Runnymeade
CuckooMay 11th 1983Finchampstead Ridges
Barn Owl********************
Little OwlFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Tawny OwlAug 11th 1983Ockwell's Park, Maidenhead
Long-eared Owl********************
Short-eared Owl********************
NightjarJun 28th 1986Wishmoor Bottom
SwiftApr 30th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
KingfisherFeb 26th 1983Twyford GPs
WryneckMay 26th 2001Wishmoor Bottom
Green WoodpeckerFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
Great Spotted WoodpeckerFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker********************
SkylarkFeb 20th 1983Ockwell's Park
Sand MartinApr 14th 1983Waltham St Lawrence
SwallowApr 14th 1983Summerleaze GP
House MartinApr 9th 1983Summerleaze GP
Tree PipitMay 5th 1983Caesar's Camp, Swinley Forest
Meadow PipitJan 18th 1984Summerleaze GP
Rock PipitOct 9th 1992Moor Green Lakes
Water PipitApr 4th 1992Field Farm GP
Yellow WagtailApr 14th 1983Summerleaze GP
Grey WagtailFeb 26th 1983Twyford GPs
Pied WagtailFeb 24th 1983Bray GPs
WaxwingJan 25th 2005Priestwood Bracknell
WrenFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
DunnockFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
RobinFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
NightingaleApr 24th 1983Burghfield GPs
Black Redstart********************
RedstartSep 8th 1984Summerleaze GP
WhinchatAug 17th 1983Cock Marsh
StonechatMar 9th 1986Cold Harbour
WheatearApr 14th 1983Waltham St Lawrence
Ring OuzelMay 8th 1991Dinton Pastures CP
BlackbirdFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
FieldfareFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Song ThrushFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
RedwingFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Mistle ThrushFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Cetti's WarblerFeb 14th 1988Thatcham Marsh
Grasshopper WarblerApr 26th 1986Wishmoor Bottom
Sedge WarblerApr 24th 1983Burghfield GPs
Reed WarblerMay 22nd 1983Dinton Pastures CP
Dartford Warbler********************
Lesser WhitethroatApr 16th 1984Binfield
WhitethroatApr 30th 1983Theale GPs
Garden WarblerApr 24th 1983Burghfield GPs
BlackcapApr 24th 1983Burghfield GPs
Wood WarblerMay 4th 1985Finchampstead Ridges
ChiffchaffApr 14 1983Waltham St Lawrence
Willow WarblerApr 8th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
GoldcrestFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Spotted FlycatcherSep 9th 1983Twyford GPs
Pied FlycatcherAug 17th 2004Wishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest
Bearded TitFeb 26th 2012Great Meadow Pond
Long-tailed TitFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Marsh TitApr 16th 1983Virginia Water
Willow Tit********************
Coal TitFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Blue TitFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Great TitFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
NuthatchMar 26th 1983Thrift Woods
TreecreeperFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Great Grey ShrikeOct 23rd 1992Wishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest
JayFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
MagpieFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
JackdawFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
RookFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Carrion CrowFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
RavenAug 29th 2000Combe Hill
StarlingFeb 12th 1983Warren Row
House SparrowFeb 12th 1983Warren Row
Tree SparrowFeb 24th 1983Braywick
ChaffinchFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
BramblingFeb 1st 1984Braywick
GreenfinchFeb 20th 1983Ockwell's Park
GoldfinchFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
SiskinFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
LinnetFeb 20th 1983Ockwell's Park
Lesser RedpollFeb 12th 1983Warren Row Woods
Common CrossbillApr 26th 1986Wishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest
BullfinchFeb 26th 1983Ruscombe
Snow BuntingFeb 8th 1986Queen Mother Res
YellowhammerFeb 26th 1983Ruscombe
Reed BuntingFeb 26th 1983Dinton Pastures CP
Corn BuntingMar 26th 1983Ockwell's Park