Black Redstart

Recent sightings of Black Redstart

09/04/21Black RedstartCrookham Common1P Brant
09/04/21Black RedstartCrookham Common1R Keel
Towards West end near Ring Ouzel.  
09/04/21Black RedstartCrookham Common1N Cleere
f. Western end close to boundary posts. Seen with Am, who also saw a male Redstart in same area just before I arrived.  
06/04/21Black RedstartCrookham Common1A B Tomczynski
male. Also ring ouzel seen in flight later.  
11/12/20Black RedstartBarkham1R C Watts
Re Found by P Burden on knee rails along ditch and fence. Seen with Bert May and Andy T. Cavendish Park at far end of house’s.  
11/12/20Black RedstartBarkham1S Orino
male. Cavendish Park knee rail along ditches.  
10/12/20Black RedstartBarkham1T A Guyatt
ad male. Seen on the roof of house No. 10, from the footpath straight in through gate opposite Ye Old Leathern Bottle pub. SU796678.  
10/12/20Black RedstartBarkham1S Orino
male. Cavendish Park, opposite Ye Old Leatherne Bottle. On knee rail along ditch and on new tree posts.  
09/12/20Black RedstartBarkham1S Orino
male. Seen on knee rail along ditch. SU795678.  
08/12/20Black RedstartBarkham1S Orino
male. Barkham Road, Opposite the Old Leatherene Bottle Pub, Park, But on the poroperties roofs. Saw a grey version like last year behaving the same in the usual places.  

Past records of Black Redstart

2020Barkham, 8th-11th December. *
2020Woolhampton GPs, 8th-9th November. *
2020Greenham Common, 16th-17th April. *
2020Confidential, 6, 3rd April to 16th October. *
2019Barkham, 15th-18th November. *
2019Woolhampton GPs, 14th September. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, presumed adult female, 19th June. *
2019Emmbrook, 19th April to 25th June. *
2018Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, 2, 31st October to 1st November. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 14th August. *
2018Moor Green Lakes, 11th-15th April. *
2018Binfield, 30th March to 1st April. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, 18th December. *
2017Emmbrook, 22nd-25th October. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 26th March. *
2017Thatcham, 26th March. *
2017Hungerford, female, 10th March. *