Grid Reference: SU7773

Recent sightings at Woodley

08/10/21BramblingWoodley5D N Rimes
At least five gorging or Rowan berries in my garden. Although I have them most winters I only have previous October record of a single bird in 2012.  
02/09/21RavenWoodley1B N Pavey
Alerted by cronking, looked up to see a single bird circling directly overhead allowing excellent view of the diagnostic tail shape. Departed west towards Woodford Park, still cronking. SU767737.  
02/08/21WheatearWoodley1F J Cottington
In the top of small tree on the small green at Wingate Road and Arundel Road. Flew to a nearby roof and lost as I was driving.  
07/06/21SwallowWoodley1S Scott
Feeding over Reading Road allotments.  
13/05/21Marsh HarrierWoodley1F J Cottington
fem. Over Headley Road East, heading SE towards DP at about 300+ feet. Initially seen while driving, I stopped in the industrial estate and scoped it as it headed and looked to be dropping, lost sight of it as it entered DP airspace around or south of aviation museum.  
24/04/21WhinchatWoodley1D N Rimes
m. Briefly around the small green at the junction of Arundel Road and Wingate Road before flying to neighbouring gardens and off north toward Beechwood School playing field.  
21/03/21BlackcapWoodley2F J Cottington
The wintering males are singing now.  
27/02/21ChiffchaffWoodley1S Scott
male. Singing in the trees along Town Lane.  
15/02/21Green WoodpeckerWoodley1S Scott
Flying across Reading Road allotments.  
15/02/21Great Spotted WoodpeckerWoodley1S Scott
Drumming away again in Town Lane.