Recent sightings of Hawfinch

29/10/20HawfinchCrowthorne1C Gent
One low over the house coming away from beech trees A garden tick.  
26/10/20HawfinchWoose Hill1P Bright-Thomas
Low SW coming over Kingfisher bridge, calling (second record of the autumn, after sound recording of at least 2 birds).  
17/10/20HawfinchEnglefield1R Crawford
Flew over, 'ticking'.  
30/09/20HawfinchWoose Hill1P Bright-Thomas
Possibly 2. Sequence of calls recorded (literally 1 minute before I went outside). Several in Surrey recently too. Sonogram posted to gallery, ID confirmed from that and recording (by @HawfinchesUK!) .  
17/05/20HawfinchLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1F J Cottington
Over low West above Sandford Lane at tree top flying height calling. Astounded to see one going over at this time of year here.  
26/02/20HawfinchEnglefield1R Crawford
A real surprise! Several overhead 'tics' heard before one alighted on top of a hedge. It was gone within seconds and was joined by what was almost certainly a second, previously unseen bird. Both flew north until disappeared from view.  
29/01/20HawfinchCombe3R H Stansfield
ad. At least. First one spotted by JOB in tree just passed Yew trees up from church.  
25/01/20HawfinchCombe8A B Tomczynski
High in trees and flying around, up hill from Combe manor. Minimum of 8 birds.  
24/01/20HawfinchCombe Hill1S Ricks
24/01/20HawfinchCombe Hill13S Ricks
In tall trees at the top of the path up from the church.  

Past records of Hawfinch

2020Crowthorne, 29th October. *
2020Woose Hill, 26th October. *
2020Englefield, 17th October. *
2020Woose Hill, 30th September. *
2020Lavell's Lake, 17th May. *
2020Englefield, 26th February. *
2020Combe Hill, 14, 24th-29th January. *
2020Upper Bucklebury, 2, 8th January. *
2019Calcot, Reading, 2, 28th October. *
2019Windsor Great Park, male and female, 24th January. *
2018Stanford Dingley, 13th April. *
2018Curridge, 9th April. *
2018Caversham Heights, Reading, 7th April. *
2018Hurst, 8, 28th March to 3rd April. *
2018Padworth Common, 16th March. *
2018Southcote, Reading, 9th March. *
2018Thatcham, 3rd-4th March. *
2018Crookham Common, 2, 27th February to 21st March. *
2018Pangbourne Meadow, 23rd February. *
2018Shaw, Newbury, 22, 16th February to 8th April. *
2018Arborfield, 12th February. *
2018Greenham Common, 11th February. *
2018Streatley, 12, 3rd-25th February. *
2018Newbury, 11, 29th January to 2nd April. *
2018Emmer Green, Reading, 26th January. *
2018Emmbrook, 26th January. *
2018Padworth, 11, 14th January to 7th April. *
2018Combe, 6, 11th-18th January. *
2018Mortimer, 3, 6th January to 6th February. *
2018Windsor Great Park, 6, 2nd January to 17th February. *
2018Moor Green Lakes, 5, 1st January to 2nd April. *
2018Padworth College, 8, 1st January to 28th March. *
2018Dinton Pastures CP, 8, 1st January to 29th March. *
2018Basildon Park, 130, 1st January to 25th February. *
2017Upper Basildon, 4, 30th December. *
2017Borough Marsh, 2, 19th December. *
2017Charvil, 2, 19th December. *
2017Mortimer, 6, 5th-16th December. *
2017Woodlands Park, Maidenhead, 4th December. *
2017Thatcham Marsh, 3, 3rd December. *
2017Calcot, Reading, 30th November. *
2017Swinley Forest, 27th-30th November. *
2017Emmer Green, Reading, 2, 21st November. *
2017Combe, 20th November. *
2017Padworth, 3, 19th-21st November. *
2017Woodley, 17th November. *
2017Basildon Park, 90, 13th November to 31st December. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, 7, 12th November to 31st December. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 3, 11th November to 4th December. *
2017Keep Hatch, 8th November. *
2017Knowl Hill, 10, 8th November to 1st December. *
2017Windsor Great Park, 10, 7th November to 6th December. *
2017Brimpton Common, 6th November. *
2017Walbury Hill, 3, 3rd-13th November. *
2017Newbury, 2nd-28th November. *
2017Greenham Common, 5, 31st October to 5th December. *
2017Finchampstead, 31st October. *
2017Padworth College, 6, 30th October to 30th November. *
2017South Ascot, 30th October. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, 15, 28th October to 18th December. *
2017Remenham Hill, 28th October. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 28th October. *
2017Wraysbury GPs, 6, 27th October. *
2017Woose Hill, 13, 16th October to 5th November. *
2017Windsor Great Park, 14th January. *
<2017Confidential, many records.