Southcote, Reading

Grid Reference: SU6871

Recent sightings at Southcote, Reading

06/04/21BlackbirdSouthcote, Reading2A V Lawson
Fledglings in back garden.  
08/05/20CuckooSouthcote, Reading1R Crawford
13/05/19BullfinchSouthcote, Reading2A V Lawson
pair, in the garden.  
24/02/19BlackcapSouthcote, Reading1A V Lawson
Singing in back garden.  
08/08/18WhimbrelSouthcote, Reading1A V Lawson
Over, calling. Seen and heard from the garden.  
12/07/18Herring GullSouthcote, Reading2R Crawford
Adult and large unfledged chick at nest on chimney stack of the old Carmelite monastery.  
14/03/18Reed BuntingSouthcote, Reading12A V Lawson
m. All males!  
09/03/18BlackbirdSouthcote, Reading1A V Lawson
m. A bird was collecting nest material in the garden before the snow came. Today a bird was collecting worms, perhaps the eggs managed to survive the freeze.  
09/03/18Reed BuntingSouthcote, Reading12A V Lawson
09/03/18HawfinchSouthcote, Reading1A V Lawson
f. incredibly short visit to the bird table, movement in the house spooked it almost as soon as it arrived, not seen again.