Manx Shearwater

Recent sightings of Manx Shearwater

Past records of Manx Shearwater

2020Theale GPs, 5th September. *
2017Theale GPs, 8th September. *
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd September.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, 17th September.
2011Horton GPs, 7th September.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, 25th September.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, 16th September.
2006Reading, 19th September, picked up, taken to Child Beale Trust, died 21st.
2002Newbury, 9th September, picked up, taken to the RSPCA, released on the river, 10th September.
1997Windsor, 9th September, found dead.
1988Spencers Wood, 12th September, picked up, released at the Solent.
1988Upper Bucklebury, 5th September, found dead.
1987Wraysbury GPs, 23rd June.
1985Wokingham, 1st September.
1984Wraysbury GPs, 29th July, found dead.
1983Pangbourne, 10th September, picked up, released at Cardiff.
1983Burghfield GPs, 4th-12th June.
1970Cookham, 9th June.
1955Silwood Park, October, found long dead.
1909Sindlesham, immature female, 8th September, shot.
1899Reading, October, found dead or exhausted.
1893South Berks, found dead or exhausted.
1883Winterbourne, found dead.