Iceland Gull

Recent sightings of Iceland Gull

10/04/14Iceland GullEast Ilsley1A B Tomczynski
1s. By flood with 50plus Herring gull at 07.50hrs. All flew off north at 08.34hrs. 14 sand martins and 1 swallow passed through. 1 snipe flying over flood.  
05/04/14Iceland GullEast IlsleyD A Boyd
No sign of IGs. Now only 5 Herring Gull and a LBB at the floods north of Compton, and nothing on the original ploughed filed north of the A34 or Churn road, Compton as far as the gallops.  
04/04/14Iceland GullCompton2S Collier
Possible? Iceland gulls in the fields near Compton. Still 1000s of gulls about.  
30/03/14Iceland GullCompton1S Collier
Probablenot sure. Iceland gull on compton flooded fields.  
23/03/14Iceland GullEast Ilsley1N J Bucknell
On ground water flood, east of village and north of road to Compton.  
22/03/14Iceland GullCompton Downs1R J Godden
One in gull flock on floods just north of Ridgeway at Churn Halt, and then flew with the flock SW towards East Ilsley, but couldn't be relocated.  
22/03/14Iceland GullWest Ilsley1M I'Anson
Between A34 and W.Isley on flooded field.  
21/03/14Iceland GullCompton Downs2A V Lawson
Possibly 3, as I watched three birds head past a few seconds apart from the flooded area to the ploughed field, but when they settled I could only find two.  
20/03/14Iceland GullWest Ilsley1G Stewart
Three brief sightings of gull whilst field was being ploughed.In field just west of A34 towards brow of hill.  
20/03/14Iceland GullCompton Downs1A B Tomczynski
1w. In gull flock roosting on field drilled this morning by gallops at top of Churn road up from Compton. Note my photos (17th March) in photo section show three Iceland gulls in the flock! There have been a few years with three recorded in the county and one with four (2005) but I don't think three together in one place?  

Past records of Iceland Gull

2019Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 21st December. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 11th-30th March. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 11th March. *
2018Tilehurst, 8th February. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, third-winter, 27th March to 6th April. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 12th February. *
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, third-winter, 26th November.
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, first-summer, 29th April.
2015Horton GPs, first-winter, 18th January.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, third-winter, 17th November, same as Horton GPs.
2014Horton GPs, third-winter, 11th November.
2014Compton, juv, 4th March to 10th April, 3 on 17 March, 2 between 17 March and 4 April.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 24th February.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 1st December.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 5th-13th March.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 16th-18th February.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 13th January.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 10th March.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 26th February to 20th May, also, March 15th-17th; April 4th, 6th, 10th-13th; May 20th.
2012Burghfield GPs, second-winter, 3rd February.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 29th January.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 27th-30th December.
2011Lower Farm GP, first-winter, 29th March.
2011Moor Green Lakes, immature, 17th January.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 12th December to 8th March 2011.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 1st January, again Jan 23.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 16th April.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 16th-17th February.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 1st January, also 29th January Colbrook Tip then Withy Bridge, Slough; 14th February Withy Bridge then QMR; 23rd February and 3rd March QMR .
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, firt-winter, 15th November.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 9th November, again, 16th and 17th November and 27th December.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, first-summer, 1st-3rd April.
2006Moor Green Lakes, second-winter, 5th February.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 27th December.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 7th March.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 29th January, also 15th February and 7th March.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 21st-25th January, also 2nd February.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 5th December.
2004Smallmead Landfill, first-summer, 28th April.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, first-summer, 28th April, same as Smallmead Landfill, 28th April.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 12th February, also 24th February.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 31st December.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 26th January to 8th March.
2002Burghfield GPs, second-winter, 14th-17th January.
2002Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 1st January, also 7th January and 14th February.
2001Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 31st December.
2001Smallmead Landfill, second-winter, 6th February.
2001Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 1st February, also 22nd March.
2000Hurst Landfill, first-winter, 25th March.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 21st-22nd March.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 20th-22nd March.
1999Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 4th March, two adults 5th and 8th March, one adult 9th March.
1998Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 22nd March to 2nd April.
1998Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 18th-31st March, also 2nd, 6th and 26th April and two first-winters 22nd April.
1994Queen Mother Reservoir, adult and second-winter, 24th February.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 17th January.
1986Queen Mother Reservoir, immature, 18th February.
1986Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 11th February.
1984Manor Farm SF, two first-years, 20th February to 14th March.
1984Theale GPs, second-year, 19th February, same as Manor Farm SF, 14th February.
1984Manor Farm SF, second-year, 14th February.
1979Wraysbury GPs, 18th February, record not listed in bird reports.
1976Holyport, adult, 13th November, also 18th December. Record not listed in bird reports.
1940Slough SF, 6th April.