Snow Bunting

Recent sightings of Snow Bunting

15/02/21Snow BuntingBury Hill, Ridgeway 1G Watton
On soil heap few hundred yards up the road towards West Isley from car park. SU477838.  
05/11/19Snow BuntingQueen Mother Reservoir1D J Barker
1w. Possibly a first winter male, located near to the pier at c0730hrs. Remained in this area and east to the sailing club until about 9am, also seen by PNe. Last seen by the car park and although searched for was not seen again. Permit holders only.  
02/11/14Snow BuntingQueen Mother Reservoir1M F Walford
By marker 2000 but very flighty. Permit holders only.  
02/11/14Snow BuntingQueen Mother Reservoir1M F Walford
Chainage marker 1450 (per Russell Ness). Permit holders only.  
21/11/13Snow BuntingWhite Waltham1M F Walford
Feeding on the track at roughly SU861779. Found by DJB who texted me at the time but unfortunately the text failed. SU861779.  
16/11/12Snow BuntingQueen Mother Reservoir1R Dryden
Still present and showing down to a few feet by the first lifebelt stand after the pier. Permit holders only.  
16/11/12Snow BuntingQueen Mother Reservoir1M J McKee
On bank beyond pier. Permit holders only.  
06/11/12Snow BuntingAscot Heath1R J Dale
High over S at 0835h.  
21/10/12Snow BuntingQueen Mother Reservoir1M F Walford
Showing superbly on the reservoir side, between the car park & pier (per PEH). Permit holders only.  
24/12/11Snow BuntingQueen Mother Reservoir1M J McKee
By car park. Permit holders only.  

Past records of Snow Bunting

2019Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 5th November. *
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, female, 23rd November.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, female/immature, 2nd November.
2013Woodlands Park, Maidenhead, 21st November.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 16th-17th November.
2012Ascot Heath, 6th November.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, adult male, 21st-22nd October.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, two female/first winter, 6th November to 24th December, one on 6th November only.
2010East Berks, female and first-winter male, 7th November.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, 24th November.
2005Inkpen Hill, adult female, 3rd-28th December, only seen on 3rd December and 28th December.
2004Inkpen Hill, male and female, 13th-16th November, female to 14th, male to 16th.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter female, 8th November.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter female, 2nd December.
<2000Confidential, many records.