Snow Bunting

Recent sightings of Snow Bunting

Past records of Snow Bunting

2019Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 5th November. *
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, female, 23rd November.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, female/immature, 2nd November.
2013Woodlands Park, Maidenhead, 21st November.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 16th-17th November.
2012Ascot Heath, 6th November.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, adult male, 21st-22nd October.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, two female/first winter, 6th November to 24th December, one on 6th November only.
2010East Berks, female and first-winter male, 7th November.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, 24th November.
2005Inkpen Hill, adult female, 3rd-28th December, only seen on 3rd December and 28th December.
2004Inkpen Hill, male and female, 13th-16th November, female to 14th, male to 16th.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter female, 8th November.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter female, 2nd December.
<2000Confidential, many records.