Willow Tit

Recent sightings of Willow Tit

11/03/20Willow TitCombe Wood1S K Proddow
06/03/20Willow TitCombe Wood2A B Tomczynski
Male seen singing at top of tree and bird close by calling from low down, presumably a female. Possible pair.  
01/02/20Willow TitCombe2M J Taylor
One heard calling next to footpath from Combe Church to Combe Wood, near bottom of path, approx SU368606. Second seen feeding on field maple seeds by path approx 200m before crossroad of tracks, approx SU363605.  
20/01/20Willow TitCombe Wood1J C Morgan
08/09/19Willow TitWalbury Hill2S A Graham
Min. in tree's 200yrds W. of the E. side car park.  
01/09/19Willow TitWigmoreash Pond, Inkpen Hill1S A Graham
27/08/19Willow TitWigmoreash Pond, Inkpen Hill2M J Dear
24/02/19Willow TitCombe Wood2B T Bennett
Both singing and showing close to main wood entrance.  
28/01/19Willow TitCombe Wood1J C Morgan
20/01/19Willow TitWigmoreash Pond, Inkpen Hill1S A Graham
Calling in adjacent tree's before dropping down into sheep pen's but not relocated.  

Past records of Willow Tit

2020Walbury Hill, 2, 7th February to 25th October. *
2020Combe Wood, 3, 20th January to 14th October. *
2020Welford, 4, 11th January to 16th August. *
2019Welford, 3, 11th May to 16th November. *
2019Kintbury, 2, 29th March. *
2019Combe Wood, 2, 28th January to 1st August. *
2019Inkpen Hill, 2, 20th January to 1st September. *
2019Walbury Hill, 4, 14th January to 30th December. *
2018Inkpen Hill, 6, 13th September. *
2018Walbury Hill, 2, 4th July. *
2018Moor Green Lakes, 25th January. *
2018Combe, 3, 11th January to 19th December. *
2017Englefield, 24th December. *
2017Walbury Hill, 2, 27th March to 17th August. *
2017Combe Wood, 7, 6th January to 29th August. *
<2017Confidential, many records.