Parrot Crossbill

Recent sightings of Parrot Crossbill

16/03/18PARROT CROSSBILLCrowthorne Wood5R Dawson
At least 5 Crossbill sp in pines approx 200m N of pull-in and near edge of open area. Call sounded more like PC and 2 birds seen cutting off cones. Looks like these were actually Common Crossbill per Jerry O'Briens later report. Apologies. SU850650.  
11/03/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest4L R Blundell
Open area in the Bottom. Sat above my head.  
03/03/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest3J W O'Brien
m.f + other. the male singing and flew off with a female (third bird left same tree a bit later).  
17/02/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest1J W O'Brien
per Birdguides - no details on location/number.  
11/02/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest10J E Mcgowan
male and fem. More than 10 seen.  
08/02/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest8C Gent
8 approx flew past me twittering just over the border in Poors Allotment - pretty sure of identity based mainly on calls.  
06/02/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest1M Jones
Negative newsI was at Wishmoor Bottom on Sunday with no sightings. This followed a visit I made on Friday when the whole area was full of soldiers clearly practicing advancing and firing. Clearly noisy over the whole area. My full support for them practicing, but I wonder if the PCs have moved on. No reports since on RareBird Alert either.  
30/01/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest10P Hickman
Minimum of ten in flight then feeding in tree on east side of usual area.  
30/01/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest16A D Bassett
All 16 in the usual trees and drinking puddle on the north of the site at 13:30-13:45 then flew to trees 300 yards south. Had been absent for at least 2 hours prior to this before a flock of 12 was seen to fly from the far NE to the far south near the pylons. 30 mins later the 16 arrived back in the usual trees.  
28/01/18PARROT CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest14P Bright-Thomas
4 in from S and 10 in from N before returning to main forest.  

Past records of Parrot Crossbill

2017Wishmoor Bottom, 8 male and 8 female, 25th November to 11th March 2018. *
1983Crowthorne, male and three females/immatures, 29th January to 27th February.