Great Northern Diver

Recent sightings of Great Northern Diver

Past records of Great Northern Diver

2019Queen Mother Reservoir, winter-plumage adult, 10th November. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 4th May. *
2019Beale Park, Lower Basildon, 1st-17th January. *
2018Beale Park, Lower Basildon, 22nd-31st December. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 10th May. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 15th April. *
2018Woolhampton GPs, 17th January to 3rd February. *
2017Theale GPs, 5th February. *
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, 30th January to 10th February, same as Horton GPs.
2016Horton GPs, winter-plumage adult, 19th-28th January.
2015Theale GPs, juvenile, 2nd January to 17th April.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 9th-11th November.
2014Theale GPs, winter-plumage adult, 15th October to 29th November.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile/first-summer, 26th March.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 16th-20th December.
2012Theale GPs, 4th-18th November.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile and first-summer, 3rd February to 14th April, first-summer present from 12th February, one bird present from 14th-24th April.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 12th January.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, juveniles, 24th November to 18th December, one bird 24th-30th November, two birds 1st December, one bird 2nd-18th December.
2011Horton GPs, 13th-14th March, same as QMR.
2011Arthur Jacob Nature Reserve, juvenile>first-summer, 3rd March.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, two first-summer, 3rd March to 27th April, one same as Arthur Jacob present until 17th March, two birds 17th March to 25th April, one bird 26th-27th April.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 15th-20th April.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 2nd-25th March.
2009Brimpton GP, 9th-12th December.
2009Horton GPs, 20th November, same as QMR.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 17th-30th November.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 13th February to 20th March.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 10th November to 1st January 2009.
2008Theale GPs, two juveniles, 9th November.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 12th November to 1st May 2008.
2006Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 6th-7th December.
2006Queen Mother Reservoir, 4th December.
2006Queen Mother Reservoir, two juveniles, 1st December to 30th March 2007, one bird Dec 1st-6th, two birds from 7th December, then 1-2 to the end of the month, and one to the end of March 2007.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, winter-plumage adult, 17th May.
2003Theale GPs, winter-plumage, 2nd May.
2001Twyford GPs, first-winter, 23rd December to 2nd January 2002.