Recent sightings of Merlin

27/12/21MerlinLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1B Crathorne
fem. Perched on flattened area of reeds opposite Bittern Hide. With no scope, too distant to be 100% certain of id but very probable.  
15/12/21MerlinLower Farm GP1B Lyle
POSSIBLE only saw for one second as it passed in front of hide 1 metre above ground. Right size and jizz.  
20/11/21MerlinRoden Downs1N J Bucknell
fem. grey/brown female flying fast & low across the Ridgeway, "buzzing" a Buzzard on a post en route.  
02/11/21MerlinCow Down, West Ilsley1A B Tomczynski
fem. Scoped, perched on hawthorn in scrub area then flew to attack something.  

Past records of Merlin

2020Woolley Down, 19th December. *
2020Cox Green, Maidenhead, 12th December. *
2020Sandhurst GPs, 10th December. *
2020Theale, 5th December. *
2020Frost Folly, Warfield, 5th December. *
2020South Fawley, 4th November. *
2020Englefield, 25th October. *
2020Cow Down, West Ilsley, 20th September. *
2020Lavell's Lake, 8th August. *
2020Burghfield, 14th March. *
2020Compton Downs, 1st March. *
2020Streatley, 4th February. *
2020Bury Down, 29th January. *
2020Great Shefford, 17th January. *
2020Compton Downs, 4th January. *
2020Aldworth, 2nd January. *
2019Aldworth, 2, 30th December. *
2019Woolley Down, 29th December. *
2019Roden Downs, 23rd December. *
2019Bury Down, 18th December. *
2019Parkfarm Down, Upper Lambourn, 18th December. *
2019Walbury Hill, 21st October. *
2019Reading, 21st October. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th October. *
2019Marsh Benham, 10th April. *
2019Brimpton GP, male, 18th March. *
2019Berkshire Downs at Aldworth, 15th February. *
2019Englefield, 27th January. *
2018Eastbury, 31st December. *
2018Roden Downs, 2nd November. *
2018Weathercock Hill, 5th October. *
2018Wargrave, 18th February. *
2018M4 J8/9, 9th February. *
2018Cow Down, West Ilsley, 10th-25th January. *
2017Bury Down, 7th December. *
2017Stanmore, 3rd December. *
2017Cold Harbour, Knowl Hill, 6th November. *
2017Remenham Hill, 2nd November. *
2017Winnersh, 2nd November. *
2017Streatley, 22nd October. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 5th-7th October. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, female/juvenile, 21st September. *
2017Sandford Farm, 24th May. *
2017Combe, 8th April. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 22nd March. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 2nd March. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd March. *
2017Lambourn, 9th February. *
2017Cow Down, West Ilsley, 6th February. *
2017Lilley, 28th January. *
2017Lambourn, 18th January. *
2017Bury Down, 17th January. *