Recent sightings of Merlin

13/02/21MerlinStreatley1N J Bucknell
male. flying low and fast northwards over Streatley Farm, causing consternation amongst the Woodpigeons.  
12/12/20MerlinCox Green, Maidenhead1J Sandell
Hunting in field by M4.  
05/12/20MerlinFrost Folly, Warfield1D A MacKenzie Dodds
f. Reasonably good views of a female (we think) low and fast over the low ground twice... shouted at by two massive crows. A first for me, at this site.  
04/11/20MerlinWashmore Hill1A B Tomczynski
25/10/20MerlinEnglefield1R Crawford
f. Perched in middle of field SE of gate by bend in road, easily viewable if present.  
20/09/20MerlinCow Down, West Ilsley1A B Tomczynski
imm. Seen in scope flying towards me and land in a hawthorn tree c 100m away. Great scope view. Later flew off strongly west into oxon.  
14/03/20MerlinBurghfield1A B Tomczynski
male. Seen from end of Folly Lane west of Burghfield near Trash Green. Disturbed from hedge whilst driving. Stopped and saw it fly across large field and land high in a tall tree where scoped. Blue back and tail. Dark grey outer wing/primaries and black broad tail band in flight. Orangey peach breast streaked/blotched dark. Face and cheeks pale greyish, pale whitish throat. Bright yellow legs. In flight very fast small raptor with swept back wings with wing tips same length as tail. SU655685.  
01/03/20MerlinCompton Downs1N J Bucknell
fem. flying WNW over Ridgeway, just north of junction with Churn Road, low over fields.  
29/01/20MerlinBury Down1P Brant
04/01/20MerlinCompton Downs1R Righelato
Hunting along disused railway line.  

Past records of Merlin

2020Woolley Down, 19th December. *
2020Cox Green, Maidenhead, 12th December. *
2020Sandhurst GPs, 10th December. *
2020Theale, 5th December. *
2020Frost Folly, Warfield, 5th December. *
2020South Fawley, 4th November. *
2020Englefield, 25th October. *
2020Cow Down, West Ilsley, 20th September. *
2020Lavell's Lake, 8th August. *
2020Burghfield, 14th March. *
2020Compton Downs, 1st March. *
2020Streatley, 4th February. *
2020Bury Down, 29th January. *
2020Great Shefford, 17th January. *
2020Compton Downs, 4th January. *
2020Aldworth, 2nd January. *
2019Aldworth, 2, 30th December. *
2019Woolley Down, 29th December. *
2019Roden Downs, 23rd December. *
2019Bury Down, 18th December. *
2019Parkfarm Down, Upper Lambourn, 18th December. *
2019Walbury Hill, 21st October. *
2019Reading, 21st October. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th October. *
2019Marsh Benham, 10th April. *
2019Brimpton GP, male, 18th March. *
2019Berkshire Downs at Aldworth, 15th February. *
2019Englefield, 27th January. *
2018Eastbury, 31st December. *
2018Roden Downs, 2nd November. *
2018Weathercock Hill, 5th October. *
2018Wargrave, 18th February. *
2018M4 J8/9, 9th February. *
2018Cow Down, West Ilsley, 10th-25th January. *
2017Bury Down, 7th December. *
2017Stanmore, 3rd December. *
2017Cold Harbour, Knowl Hill, 6th November. *
2017Remenham Hill, 2nd November. *
2017Winnersh, 2nd November. *
2017Streatley, 22nd October. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 5th-7th October. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, female/juvenile, 21st September. *
2017Sandford Farm, 24th May. *
2017Combe, 8th April. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 22nd March. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 2nd March. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd March. *
2017Lambourn, 9th February. *
2017Cow Down, West Ilsley, 6th February. *
2017Lilley, 28th January. *
2017Lambourn, 18th January. *
2017Bury Down, 17th January. *