Neil Bucknell

Location: Streatley

Recent sightings

14/06/24KestrelCompton Downs1N J Bucknell
fem. on refurbished barn by track to Churn - also one (same?) at west end of concrete road at Churn at 15-20.  
14/06/24StonechatCompton Downs4N J Bucknell
2 pairs. one pair by track to East Ilsley, 16-15; second south of track to Churn at 16-25, both agitated.  
14/06/24Corn BuntingCompton Downs14N J Bucknell
around Compton Gallops.  
14/06/24Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)7N J Bucknell
6 east of old railway, 1 west.  
14/06/24HobbyChurn Farm (Oxon)1N J Bucknell
flying south over concrete road.  
13/06/24Grey WagtailStreatley3N J Bucknell
juv. feeding on filter bed at Streatley STW, with a family party (pair & 3 young) of Pied Wagtails.  
13/06/24KestrelStreatley1N J Bucknell
male. near Streatley STW.  
13/06/24KestrelStreatley1N J Bucknell
male. at Streatley Farm.  
12/06/24Spotted FlycatcherStreatley3N J Bucknell
one about 500m from the west end of Rectory Road, perched, at 15-25; 2 more, just west of row of cottages near west end of Rectory Road, one carrying food at 15-40.  
12/06/24Grey WagtailStreatley3N J Bucknell
juv. feeding on filter bed at Streatley STW.