Neil Bucknell

Location: Streatley

Recent sightings reported by Neil Bucknell

05/07/22WhinchatChurn Farm (Oxon)1N J Bucknell
male. well-marked male seen first on concrete road, then flew into pea crop to south and perched (but not seen to enter Berks!) - early passage date.  
05/07/22Yellow WagtailChurn Farm (Oxon)9N J Bucknell
on triangular field east of old railway line - 2 calling from crop heard from Ridgeway at about 15-20; female by track east of old university outstation at 16-00; male halfway along concrete road at 16-15; and 5 (pair & 3 juveniles) about 50 metres west of dutch barn along concrete road in a group of agitated birds calling and flying between the wheat and pea crops either side and the overhead line alongside the road (was there a ground predator I could not see?) comprising also 2 Corn Buntings, 6 Linnets, a male Reed Bunting and a Goldfinch. A juvenile was also on the roof of the barn a little later - one of the birds seen a little earlier?  
05/07/22Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)17N J Bucknell
5 west of old railway line, 12 east.  
05/07/22Corn BuntingRoden Downs3N J Bucknell
by Ridgeway.  
05/07/22StonechatCompton Downs2N J Bucknell
male & juv. by top of track to East Ilsley, near junction with Ridgeway.  
05/07/22Corn BuntingCompton Downs18N J Bucknell
on circuit from Churn, to top of hill and back down Ridgeway alongside Compton gallops.  
04/07/22Common TernStreatley2N J Bucknell
flying north up Thames north of Cleeve Lock at 16-25 and 16-55.  
03/07/22Grey WagtailStreatley2N J Bucknell
Thames north of village, one at Cleeve Lock weir, one over field opposite Withy Mead nature reserve -.  
03/07/22Grey WagtailStreatley6N J Bucknell
3 imm, 3 male. on Filter beds at Streatley STW.  
03/07/22Grey WagtailStreatley2N J Bucknell
juv. at Cleeve Court.