Chris Gent


Recent sightings

26/05/24PURPLE HERONNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1C Gent
1 yr. seen briefly as it landed in reeds between E and W fen only time to study upper wing which was brown with no white patches. probably the same bird seen in flight a few seconds earlier was heron but flight made me think raptor, not something grey heron ever does wing colour suggests first year not adult . Please only view from the public footpath.  
10/04/24COLLARED FLYCATCHERcastle bottom hants1C Gent
m. flew close in front of my car showing all its flight marks clearly but briefly. the sort of view you see in the books but never in reality! most obvious points were very prominant wing patches, narrow (single feather only) white tail sides, weak white rump and white and black patterned head flew into woods and probably still there although i failed to rewlocate it. SU790598.