Yellow-browed Warbler

Recent sightings of Yellow-browed Warbler

Past records of Yellow-browed Warbler

2020Hermitage, 13th October. *
2018Whiteknights Park, Reading, 29th October. *
2018Dinton Pastures CP, 24th October to 2nd November. *
2018Greenham Common, 2, 16th October, trapped. *
2017Emmer Green, 26th October. *
2017Slough, two, 18th October. *
2017Crookham Common, 26th September. *
2016Greenham Common, 14th October, trapped.
2016Brimpton GP, 10th October, trapped.
2016Moor Green Lakes, 9th October, trapped.
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, 8th October. *
2014Whiteknights Park, Reading, 24th October.
2014Hungerford, 2nd October, trapped.
2013Dinton Pastures CP, 17th October, Same as Lavell's Lake, 5th October.
2013Greenham Common, 7th-8th October, trapped 8th.
2013Lavell's Lake, 5th October.
2012Ascot Heath, 20th October.
2009Wraysbury GPs, 7th November.
2007Bracknell, 19th October.
2003Theale GPs, 30th October.
1986Thatcham, 6th December to 17th January 1987.