Ring Ouzel

Recent sightings of Ring Ouzel

05/11/21Ring OuzelWoose Hill2P Bright-Thomas
fw or ad f. >SW (photo, recorded) Photos uploaded, show birds were more similar than I first thought, both with moderately clear chest crescent.  

Past records of Ring Ouzel

2020Lavell's Lake, 18th October. *
2020Greenham Common, 17th October. *
2020Greenham Common, 2, 29th September. *
2020Warfield, 26th April. *
2019Walbury Hill, 20th October. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, male, 12th-13th October. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th October. *
2019Inkpen Hill, 19th-20th April. *
2019Brimpton, 17th-19th April. *
2019Greenham Common, 2 male and 1 female, 5th-17th April. *
2018Greenham Common, 16th October. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 29th April. *
2018Walbury Hill, 23rd April. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 16th-24th April. *
2018Inkpen Hill, 15th April. *
2018Greenham Common, 7th-16th April. *
2018Greenham Common, 2, 5th April. *
2018Inkpen Hill, 3, 3rd April. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter male and female, 29th September. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 28th September. *
2017Cow Down, West Ilsley, 22nd September. *
2017Greenham Common, 10th May. *
2017Pingewood GPs, 3rd May. *
2017Greenham Common, 4, 22nd-29th April. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, male, 20th-23rd April. *
2017Inkpen Hill, 4, 11th-22nd April. *
<2017Confidential, many records.