Bean Goose sp.

Recent sightings of Bean Goose sp.

08/12/10Bean Goose sp.Black Swan Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1F J Cottington
Picked up bird over golf course, coming from East at around 250-300 ft up, it turned N and continued flying N and remained visible for 3-4 mins, then slightly W and appeared to be dropping, so could still be in the Borough Marsh/Sonning Eye area - It appeared large and rather long necked so I think it is a Taiga.  
08/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1M F Walford  
07/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1R C Watts
07/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1M F Walford  
06/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1I D Paine
In field with Mute Swans, Lapwings and Golden Plovers.  
06/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1M F Walford
per A Cameron.  
05/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1D Cleal
05/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1P Burden
Still there at 11.00 With Mute Swans in field north of road between Remenham Church and Aston. .  
05/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1J E Mitchell
With Mute Swans in field north of road between Remenham Church and Aston. SU777847.  
04/01/07Bean Goose sp.Remenham1M F Walford
Still present with Mute Swans in fields by Remenham Lane (  

Past records of Bean Goose sp.

2003Queen Mother Reservoir, 17, 24th February.
1998Cock Marsh, 5th-12th December.
1985Wraysbury Reservoir (Surrey), 13th January, flew into Berkshire.
1985Dinton Pastures CP, 13th January.
1979Wellington CP, two, 3rd-25th February, crossed into Berkshire occassionally.
1978Wraysbury GPs, 31st December.
1976Purley on Thames, Reading, two, 13th December to 2nd January 1977, also, Shiplake, 5th February.