Recent sightings of Dipper

Past records of Dipper

2015Newbury, 7th October. *
2010Welford, 23rd December to 30th January 2011.
2004Easton, 30th January.
1989Bourne End, 30th September.
1987Great Shefford, 30th June to 6th July.
1986Woolhampton, 7th February.
1981Marsh Benham, 11th January, also 19th January, 2nd February and pair 25th February and 5th March.
1980Marsh Benham, 27th December.
1980Freeman's Marsh, 12th December.
1980Newbury, 15th September.
1980Lower Denford, 17th July, also 8th, 21st, 29th August and 8th October.
1980Hungerford, 24th May to 15th June.
1980Bagnor, adult, 13th April, ringed, unringed dead adult found 30th April, adult and juvenile seen 5th May.
1979Freeman's Marsh, two juveniles, July and August.
1978Freeman's Marsh, 18th December, also 30th December.
1978Hungerford, 11th December.
1978Hungerford, bred.
1977Freeman's Marsh, 30th March.
1976Lower Denford, 13th December.
1976Bagnor, 11th November.
1976Aldermaston, bred. Adult and juvenile seen in May and June.
1965Bagnor, June.
1960Hamstead Marshall, two, 11th May.
1951Marsh Benham, 29th September.
1899Mapledurham, bred.
1803Newbury, killed.

Photos of Dipper