Brent Goose

Recent sightings of Brent Goose

01/01/22Brent GooseLea Farm Lake50F J Cottington
Distant views of a large number arriving from the NW, dropping low and out of view as if to land, but then kept going East, then turned back and NE. Views hindered by trees and distance, but close enough to hear their bark like calls. Unprecedented.  

Past records of Brent Goose

2017Lea Farm Lake, 13th November. *
2017Horton Brook Quarry, adult, 31st October. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 31st October. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 28th March. *
2017Twyford, 25th-28th March. *
2017Hurst, first-winter, 21st February. *
2017Thatcham Station, 6, 9th January. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, 1st January to 20th March. *