Recent sightings of Goshawk

10/09/20GoshawkPope's Meadow, Binfield1D A MacKenzie Dodds
I was going to call this large, powerful accipiter (indicative flap flap flap glide) "unidentified" as I watched it for a while, thought that MUST be a goshawk but HAS to be a large, silvery female sparrowhawk doesn't it.... but tbh it screamed goshawk to me this morning on an early walk. Size of a buzzard. Typical accipiter flight but more "powerful in nature" than that of a sparrowhawk. Noticeable white tail undercoverts (as in both hawks) but very noticeably silvery in colour. Couldn't see the head to see eyebrow or eye colour and sun wasn't quite up anyway even though it was light. Heading south, low ish. Was it a goshawk? Yes, possibly. Either that or the largest, most physically impressive, silvery female sparrowhawk I've ever seen with a shorter tail than I'd expect for a sparrowhawk. But still... a question mark over this one.  
05/09/20GoshawkCrookham Common1P E Hutchins
Low west, scattering wagtails and pipits. Totally unexpected and a beast of a bird!  
01/01/20GoshawkLangley, Slough1B D Clews
Notification for East Berks birders - a male Goshawk has escaped in the area over Christmas. The bird has jesses. Sightings might aid the owner in recovering the bird.  
28/09/19GoshawkRoden Downs1M F Walford
imm. Relentlessly being persued by a flock of Magpies.  
17/02/19GoshawkSearle's Farm Lane GP (W), Burghfield GPs1N J Bucknell
male. seen briefly - notes submitted to County Recorder.  
21/04/18GoshawkLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1J Taylor
fem. Seen soaring with Red Kites and Common Buzzards at c.11:30. About the size of a Common Buzzard, but with longer tail and more rounded wings. Wings proportionately longer and tail proportionately shorter than in Sparrowhawk. Upperparts dark; underparts pale grey with whitish undertail coverts. In direct flight, showed flap-flap-glide action typical of an Accipiter species, although slower and more assured than Sparrowhawk. Edit: Wingspan about 3/4 of Red Kite wingspan; tail rounded at end when fanned.  
25/01/18GoshawkWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest1J W O'Brien
seen and IDd by Devon birders (incl the writer of the WTWBI Cornwall). They made notes for me to send to Richard.  
27/02/16GoshawkJealott's Hill1M Jones
ProbableOn post and flew past us from the Syngenta site, as we cycled passed at 20m away. Right size and features but I've never seen one in Berks before. Back home I've just reviewed the features and still believe it was a goshawk as I've seen in the Forest of Dean; white eye brow, almost buzzard size etc. Not a female sparrowhawk. Would love someone else to confirm. Could it have been going through? SU874734.  
03/05/15GoshawkWoodley1P Foulds
Flying over Woodley towards Dinton Pastures being mobbed by seagulls.  
21/03/15GoshawkLower Farm Trout Lake1N Cleere
m. brief display flight over northern edge of Bowdown Wood before heading off northeast, at height, over Trout Lake towards Thatcham Marsh.  

Past records of Goshawk

2020Confidential, 5th September. *
2020Confidential, 5, 14th June. *
2020Confidential, 2, 1st April to 15th July. *
2020Confidential, 2, 7th March. *
2019West Berks, adult male, 25th December. *
2019Confidential, 8th August. *
2019Confidential, immature, 16th April. *
2019Burghfield GPs, male, 17th February. *
2019Confidential, 4, 1st January. *
2018West Berks, 14th December. *
2018Confidential, adult and juvenile, 17th July. *
2018Lavell's Lake, female, 21st April. *
2018Confidential, 11th February. *
2018Confidential, 25th January. *
2017Confidential, juvenile, 3rd September. *
2015West Berks, female, 12th May.
2015West Berks, female, 20th March.
2008Streatley, adult fermale, 12th December.
2008Windsor Forest, immature, 7th March.
2006[Theale GPs, 18th February.]
2004Combe Hill, adult male, 13th July.
2004Theale GPs, immature, 4th April.
2004[Tidmarsh, several times during Sep/Oct.]
2002Farnborough, male, 12th October.
2002Englefield, immature, 19th January.
1999Englefield, female, 14th December.
1996[Wraysbury GPs, 14th September, also 5th November.]
1994[Wraysbury GPs, 6th November.]
1992Combe Hill, male, 6th May.
1990West Berks, adult female, Seen twice during April-May and 22nd July.
1989Thatcham Marsh, 10th June.
1988West Berks, male and female, February to end April.
1987Thatcham Marsh, immature male, 30th December.
1987Caversham Heights, Reading, 14th October.
1987Earley, 19th September.
1983Berkshire Downs, male, 4th April.
1982Horton GPs, 14th February.
1980[Wishmoor Bottom, female, 19th August.]
1975Woolhampton, 22nd September.
<1974Confidential, many records.