Recent sightings of Goshawk

Past records of Goshawk

2020Confidential, 5th September. *
2020Confidential, 5, 14th June. *
2020Confidential, 2, 1st April to 15th July. *
2020Confidential, 2, 7th March. *
2019West Berks, adult male, 25th December. *
2019Confidential, 8th August. *
2019Confidential, immature, 16th April. *
2019Burghfield GPs, male, 17th February. *
2019Confidential, 4, 1st January. *
2018West Berks, 14th December. *
2018Confidential, adult and juvenile, 17th July. *
2018Lavell's Lake, female, 21st April. *
2018Confidential, 11th February. *
2018Confidential, 25th January. *
2017Confidential, juvenile, 3rd September. *
2015West Berks, female, 12th May.
2015West Berks, female, 20th March.
2008Streatley, adult fermale, 12th December.
2008Windsor Forest, immature, 7th March.
2006[Theale GPs, 18th February.]
2004Combe Hill, adult male, 13th July.
2004Theale GPs, immature, 4th April.
2004[Tidmarsh, several times during Sep/Oct.]
2002Farnborough, male, 12th October.
2002Englefield, immature, 19th January.
1999Englefield, female, 14th December.
1996[Wraysbury GPs, 14th September, also 5th November.]
1994[Wraysbury GPs, 6th November.]
1992Combe Hill, male, 6th May.
1990West Berks, adult female, Seen twice during April-May and 22nd July.
1989Thatcham Marsh, 10th June.
1988West Berks, male and female, February to end April.
1987Thatcham Marsh, immature male, 30th December.
1987Caversham Heights, Reading, 14th October.
1987Earley, 19th September.
1983Berkshire Downs, male, 4th April.
1982Horton GPs, 14th February.
1980[Wishmoor Bottom, female, 19th August.]
1975Woolhampton, 22nd September.
<1974Confidential, many records.