Rough-legged Buzzard

Recent sightings of Rough-legged Buzzard

30/10/19Rough-legged BuzzardHurley Bottom1M J Hubbard
At 09.30am seen perched on a low fence post at edge of field left of A4130 - completely white breast & legs mottled brown/white head noticeably larger than female common buzzard....seen whilst driving towards Burchets Green ( also close to sighting of RLB at Remenham Hill 2+ weeks ago. SU825831.  
08/10/19Rough-legged BuzzardHurley1B D Clews
The bird present for about 10 days continues to be seen near Frogmill on fields and fencelines either side of Black Boy Lane at particular times. Field notes submitted but the bird is almost identical to the pic of the Essex bird by Neil Hughes at except with darker crown and brighter yellow cere.  
30/09/19Rough-legged BuzzardFrogmill1B D Clews
Managed to catch up fleetingly with the bird reported by John and Fiona Farnsworth on its third day in the area, 4 short views in flight. With no real experience on this species I could see that it is an 'interesting' specimen. Base of tail all white for 50% then dark band (not bars) to the end, with just the very tips white. Above grey-brown c/f duller Common Buzzards present. Underwing V. pale, dark carpels, primary tips black. Underbody darker at belly than in throat area. Line through eye against grey/brown (not white) head. General impression is of a slightly 'large' buzzard. No calls even when mobbed by 10 JD and subsequently by 1 Raven. Flight somewhat languid. I honestly can't be sure about it. Still favours feeding on ground at grid ref when seen several times today by Farnsworths, in between tractor activities. SU814834.  
29/09/19Rough-legged BuzzardFrogmill1B D Clews
possibly this species, seen fleetingly at dusk yday but back twice today hunting on worked field viewable from footpath running parallel and north of A4130, per John and Fiona Farnsworth. SU815835.  
05/05/19Rough-legged BuzzardShurlock Row1R Alliss
Possible seen from far side of large field acting as if it was catching something in the field margin. Overall grey appearance with a lot of white flashes as it jumped about on the ground. Buzzard size with black rear edge to rounded tail. Appeared to fly east but soon lost over large trees.  
04/11/14Rough-legged BuzzardEarley2P E Hutchins
Further information via the bird news services: Over Earley and then flew north; this news out at 13:17.  
04/11/14Rough-legged BuzzardBerkshire Downs2P E Hutchins
Per RBA / Birdguides - I've unable to access the details but there are apparently two somewhere in Berkshire!!!  
24/01/13Rough-legged BuzzardEnglefield1J B Sheridan
On black barn, then on blue oil drum, then onto tree on far side of A4. Comparable to osprey in amount of white in plumage; white in rump area. Wings held almost flat in glide; hovered briefly.  
13/01/10Rough-legged BuzzardHenley-on-Thames (Oxon)1J D Cox
could be wrong but noticed a rather large buzzard with very pale underparts for several minutes hovered once then flew from tree to tree in binfield heath .  
13/03/09Rough-legged BuzzardHogs Hole1R H Stansfield
Reported on HosList this morning at 09:10-09:20 then flew south into Hants. Also seen on Monday 9th March at about midday.  

Past records of Rough-legged Buzzard

2019Hurley, 29th September to 8th October. *
2016Woolley Down, 21st October. *
2011Thurle Down, juvenile, 17th March.
2009Combe Hill, second-winter male, 14th February to 13th March.
2005Hurley, probable adult female, 5th November.
1995Combe Hill, 4th January, also 18th March.
1994Combe Hill, 3rd December.
1987Shefford Woodlands, 17th January.
1985Summerleaze GP, 1st December.
1985West Ilsley, 3rd January.
1982Lowbury Hill, 29th December.
1981Combe Hill, 6th December.
1981Combe, two, 11th January to 20th March.
1980Combe Hill, 2nd December, also 19th and 27th December.
1979Wraysbury GPs, 1st January.
1975Combe Hill, three, 16th March, one remaining to 6th April.
1973West Ilsley, 21st November to 21st December.
1973Wraysbury GPs, 17th October.
1971Slough SF, 17th April.
1970Windsor Great Park, 26th December.
1934Cookham Dean, 4th November.
1931Combe, 18th October, and "for some time afterwards".