Recent sightings of Knot

05/01/21KnotEast Fen, Moor Green Lakes1J M Clark
Still present. Please only view from the public bridleway.  
05/01/21KnotEast Fen, Moor Green Lakes1E Napper
Please only view from the public bridleway.  
27/09/19KnotQueen Mother Reservoir1P J Newbound
Permit holders only.  
26/09/19KnotQueen Mother Reservoir1R H Stansfield
wp. Still showing well in front of sailing club. Permit holders only.  
26/09/19KnotQueen Mother Reservoir1P J Newbound
Back on beach 200m W of car park . Permit holders only.  
26/09/19KnotQueen Mother Reservoir1P J Newbound
Negative news
No longer on beach presumed to have flown off. Permit holders only.  
26/09/19KnotQueen Mother Reservoir1P J Newbound
On beach to W of club house. Permit holders only.  
08/05/19KnotSonning1H R Netley
S.P. bird at Sonning Eye G.P. flew into berks before departing East.  
10/09/16KnotQueen Mother Reservoir1A B Tomczynski
juv. South of pier. Permit holders only.  
28/10/15KnotQueen Mother Reservoir1J W O'Brien
in logbook "CDRH". Permit holders only.  

Past records of Knot

2020Queen Mother Reservoir, 11th September. *
2020Queen Mother Reservoir, 16th-23rd August. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 26th-27th September. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, five summer-plumage, 8th May. *
2019Sonning, 8th May. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd October. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 17th March. *
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 9th-10th September.
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 5th September.
2015Queen Mother Reservoir, 28th October.
2015Queen Mother Reservoir, summer-plumage, 4th August.
2015Queen Mother Reservoir, 24th July.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, 7th September.
2012Lea Farm Lake, juvenile>first-winter, 24th September.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, ten, 31st August.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, worn summer-plumage, 30th August to 1st September.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, two summer-plumage, 19th May.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th May.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, 5th February.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, 5th November.
2011Lower Farm GP, juvenile, 15th September.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, two juveniles, 15th-20th August, two 15th-19th, one 20th.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, 33, 7th September.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, summer-plumage adult, 28th-29th July.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, 90, 19th August.
2007Moor Green Lakes, partial summer-plumage, 28th May.
2006Queen Mother Reservoir, 23rd December.
2006Lower Farm GP, 25th-29th January.
2004Pingewood GPs, adult and juvenile, 12th September.
2004Pingewood GPs, 29th August.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 17th November.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 22nd-23rd October.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 17th-19th October.
2003Lower Farm GP, summer-plumage, 16th-18th May.
2002Lower Farm GP, 15th-16th November.
2002Queen Mother Reservoir, winter-plumage adult, 22nd-26th April.
2002Queen Mother Reservoir, 13th January.
<2000Confidential, many records.