Two-barred Crossbill

Recent sightings of Two-barred Crossbill

08/01/14TWO-BARRED CROSSBILLSwinley ForestC Gent
Diagnostic trumpet calls heard amongst usual calls from a group of crossbills flying overhead unseen. Could not locate flock but call unknown, distinctive, repeated, and subsequently verified against recordings upon return. SU873635.  
07/09/13TWO-BARRED CROSSBILLWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest1C Gent
juv. a possible sighting only. I was searching for crossbills when I heard one in flight. As soon as I locked on it was obviously not a crossbill - too slim and long tailed with faint wing bars, grey brown with very triangular wings (cf corn bunting) I first thought chaffinch but tail too short and no white tail sides. Only then did 2bar occur to me. I went over to where it had landed but could not locate it despite much searching then and the next morning. I later did find many crossbills and a few chaffinches all of which I checked more thoroughly than usual and confirmed the differences including call. The single bird had crossbill timing but was softer and less insistent than the common crossbills.  

Past records of Two-barred Crossbill

1890Wellington College, four, 27th February, one killed.