Richard's Pipit

Recent sightings of Richard's Pipit

05/10/02RICHARD'S PIPITChurn Farm (Oxon)1M F Walford
Seen in flight half a dozen times, calling occassionally, crossed into Berkshire once. SU505832.  
28/09/02RICHARD'S PIPITChurn Farm (Oxon)1M F Walford
Ian Lewington saw the bird about 50 yards inside Berkshire. SU509825.  

Past records of Richard's Pipit

2012Colnbrook, 7th October.
2011Cookham, 12th November.
2002Compton Downs, 29th September, also 5th October.
1995Queen Mother Reservoir, 30th April to 1st May.
1988Wraysbury GPs, 13th-20th October.
1976Eton Wick, 7th-24th October, presumed to have crossed into Berkshire.
1973Crookham Common, 4th-7th November.
1967Slough SF, 7th-24th October.