Recent sightings of Quail

17/09/06QuailCrookham Common1A E Hickman
Amazingly 1 flushed from rough grassland just east of New Greenham park south of the Southern taxi way. It flew west over the trees and disappeared. SU507643.  
06/06/04QuailEnglefield1D K Parker
One calling in field south of path from the iron gate to the landing strip. Per Birdguides.  
31/05/02QuailEnglefield1R Crawford
Accidentally flushed from track, it then flew low over cornfield for about 20 metres before dropping down.  

Past records of Quail

2020Hampstead Norreys, 2nd August. *
2020Roden Downs, 3, 1st-12th July. *
2020Eastbury Down, 25th-27th June. *
2020Compton Downs, 13th June. *
2020Wellbottom Down, 3, 20th May to 29th July. *
2019Lowbury Hill, 3rd August. *
2019Weathercock Hill, 29th July. *
2019East Berks, 23rd July. *
2019Berkshire Downs at Aldworth, 10th July. *
2019Wellbottom Down, 2, 30th June. *
2019Roden Downs, 2, 22nd June to 28th July. *
2019Compton, 21st June to 2nd July. *
2019Lambourn Downs, 4, 20th June to 2nd August. *
2018Streatley Hill, 29th May. *
2017Lambourn, 26th-29th June. *
2017Sheep Down (West Ilsley), 2, 26th June to 24th July. *
2017Berkshire Downs, 25th June. *
2017Wellbottom Down, 4th-29th June. *
<2017Confidential, many records.