Tree Sparrow

Recent sightings of Tree Sparrow

27/12/12Tree SparrowBinfield1M Tose
Amazingly one visited my garden seed feeders twice this morning in the heavy rain but was far too wary for me to photograph. Eventually managed to get a digi-binned photograph as it sat in my neighbours garden. Lovely garden tick. My husband thought he saw one a month ago but I would not believe him!  
11/02/12Tree SparrowRemenham1P Bright-Thomas
In hedgerow by game strip briefly. Also 40+ Reed Bunting, but few finches.  
02/02/12Tree SparrowRemenham1M S Whitaker
Seen briefly at near (south) end of the hedge.  
28/01/12Tree SparrowRemenham1J Reid
In hedge 20mtes from the road.  
20/01/12Tree SparrowRemenham1P E Hutchins
Still present early afternoon but remaining very distant in the south to north hedgerow, north-east of the village and west of the obvious game strip (per RC, RD & RG).  
17/01/12Tree SparrowRemenham1A D Bassett
Usual hedge, but 20 yds beyond big tree, so distant!  
14/01/12Tree SparrowRemenham1P E Hutchins
Minimum count - brief views gained on a number of occasions between 13:21 and 15:31, none prior to this time.  
13/01/12Tree SparrowRemenham1R H Stansfield
Again in hedge by game strip, but distant. Also seen by DJB.  
12/01/12Tree SparrowRemenham1R C Watts
01/02/11Tree SparrowJealott's Hill8R Murfitt
Seen with Dave Bartlett on farmland on Syngenta site near to wildbird seed field - have been here for some weeks at least, not seen in area for many years.  

Past records of Tree Sparrow

2012Theale, 21st February.
2012Remenham, 1st January to 11th February.
2011Jealott's Hill, eight, 1st-17th February, 8 on 1st February, 4 on 17th February.
2010Remenham, 9th December to 30th January 2011.
2009Lowbury Hill, 11th September.
2009Sonning Farm, 8th-11th September.
2007Aston, 4th January.
2006Purley on Thames, Reading, 16th January.
2005Streatley Warren, two, 19th November.
2004Dorney Wetlands, 4th September.
2004Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, 1st January.
2003Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, two, 27th November to 10th December, one on 27th Novemberm two on 10th December.
2003Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, three, 24th January.
2002Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, four, 17th October to 11th November, three on 17th October, four on 4th November, two on 11th November.
2002Eling, 17th May.
2002Hurley, 23rd March.
2000Old Slade GP, three, 14th August.
2000Beenham, 25th March.
<2000Confidential, many records.