Tree Sparrow


Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow


2023Tree Sparrow, Buckler's Forest, 9th June. *
2023Tree Sparrow, River Thames Meadows at Purley, 6th June. *
2012Tree Sparrow, Theale, 21st February. (D J Sussex)
2012Tree Sparrow, Remenham, 1st January to 11th February. (D J Barker)
2011Tree Sparrow, Jealott's Hill, eight, 1st-17th February, 8 on 1st February, 4 on 17th February. (R C Murfitt)
2010Tree Sparrow, Remenham, 9th December to 30th January 2011. (C D R Heard)
2009Tree Sparrow, Lowbury Hill, 11th September. (D J Barker)
2009Tree Sparrow, Sonning Farm, 8th-11th September. (E Napper)
2007Tree Sparrow, Aston, 4th January. (C D R Heard)
2006Tree Sparrow, Purley on Thames, Reading, 16th January. (M Raper)
2005Tree Sparrow, Streatley Warren, two, 19th November. (A B Tomczynski)
2004Tree Sparrow, Dorney Wetlands, 4th September. (C Reeve)
2004Tree Sparrow, Cookham Rise, 1st January. (C D R Heard)
2003Tree Sparrow, Cookham Rise, two, 27th November to 10th December, one on 27th Novemberm two on 10th December. (C D R Heard)
2003Tree Sparrow, Cookham Rise, three, 24th January. (C D R Heard)
2002Tree Sparrow, Cookham Rise, four, 17th October to 11th November, three on 17th October, four on 4th November, two on 11th November. (C D R Heard)
2002Tree Sparrow, Eling, 17th May. (M F Walford)
2002Tree Sparrow, Hurley, 23rd March. (S & J Farmsworth)
2000Tree Sparrow, Old Slade GP, three, 14th August. (D Rear)
2000Tree Sparrow, Beenham, 25th March. (G Newport, J O'Brien)
<2000Tree Sparrow, Confidential, many records.