American Wigeon

Recent sightings of American Wigeon

Past records of American Wigeon

2008Lower Farm GP, male, 19th November to 28th January 2009.
1990[Lower Basildon, female, 3rd May, also 10th May.]
1988[Lower Basildon, male and female, 31st December.]
1988[Purley on Thames, Reading, male and female, 16th October.]
1987[Theale GPs, two females, 19th-20th December.]
1987Theale GPs, female/first-winter, 22nd-30th November, same as Thatcham Marsh, 21st November.
1987Thatcham Marsh, female/first-winter, 21st November.
1987[Brimpton GP, two males, 16th February, same as Thatcham Marsh, 7th-8th February.]
1987[Thatcham Marsh, two males, 7th-8th February.]
1986[Theale GPs, female, 2nd March.]
1986Theale GPs, male, 1st January, also three 19th January and male and female 26th January. Same as Thatcham Marsh, 26th November to 31st December 1985.
1985Thatcham Marsh, two first-winter males and two females, 26th November to 31st December.