Recent sightings of Woodpigeon

20/08/21WoodpigeonNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
ad. Sat on the radio mast alongside B69 ! SU474669.  
16/08/21WoodpigeonNewbury BT Exchange4K G White
Investigating the (vacant) Peregrine nestbox. The pair nesting on a cable bracket are not incubating this morning, one perched nearby. SU473668.  
13/08/21WoodpigeonNewbury BT Exchange5K G White
Bird still incubating on nest on cable bracket south side of BT. SU474670.  
10/08/21WoodpigeonNewbury BT Exchange4K G White
Adult on nest on cable brackets south side BT. Juvenile exploring the rooftop and ledges. SU473668.  
05/08/21WoodpigeonNewbury BT Exchange7K G White
Bird still incubating on a wall bracket supporting cables on the south side of BT. One independent newly fledged bird on Sainsbury's carpark. SU473669.  
29/07/21WoodpigeonCookham Rise, Maidenhead2B D Clews
Ad and a juv, the first young bird seen all year so far. Something which I have observed in most years in fact. Presume most early hatchlings are taken by squirrels and Magpies? .  
27/07/21WoodpigeonNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
One on best on south side of BT on cable bracket and one still trying to jest on an east window ledge. SU474668.  
25/07/21WoodpigeonNewbury BT Exchange1K G White
Sat incubating on nest south side of BT on cable support brackets. Has been there a week now. SU474670.  
21/07/21WoodpigeonNewbury town centre4K G White
2 pairs nesting on BT, one pair on a window ledge....never works. SU474669.  
20/07/21WoodpigeonNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
Nesting on a wall bracket supporting heavy duty cables. SU473668.