Recent sightings of Shag

18/09/21ShagHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1K E Moore
1st yr. Flew off at 1855 approx .  
27/11/19ShagMain Pit, Theale GPs1K E Moore
1st yr. On left hand side of Pylon below the three main arms,viewed from the spit.  
25/11/19ShagMain Pit, Theale GPs1A B Tomczynski
West end. Initially off spit. Later by heronry and then on raft by pylon island at dusk before flying towards cormorant roost.  
23/11/19ShagMain Pit, Theale GPsC McEwan
Negative news
No sign of the Shag. SU6570.  
22/11/19ShagMain Pit, Theale GPs1K E Moore
1st yr. Seen in better light today,ABT adzd he thought 1st yr(not adult),I also saw in better light And agree.Isaw bird finally on the Island Pylon on middle triangle on R/H side and could see pale tips on covert area.  
22/11/19ShagMain Pit, Theale GPs1A B Tomczynski
ad. Seen twice for a few mins in about 4 hours. Proving very elusive.  
21/11/19ShagMain Pit, Theale GPs1K E Moore
ad. East of Heronry Island ,disturbed by wind surfer,re-found in failing light,halfway from spit across to Oystercatcher Island,also seen by RHS and BTB.  
05/02/19ShagMain Pit, Theale GPs2D J Barker
imm. Two birds located roosting on island whilst looking for the Red-necked Grebe. Found by KEM, they were smaller than the nearby cormorants with browner upperparts paler underparts, the head was more rounded than Cormorant and the bill was thinner and showed a yellow base to the lower mandible and darker upper mandible.  
05/02/19ShagMain Pit, Theale GPs1K E Moore
Possibly two -DJB saw the second better. Both on N.side Of Pimple Island.  
11/09/17ShagMain Pit, Theale GPs1R H Stansfield
juv. Still present at western end sat on raft.  

Past records of Shag

2019Queen Mother Reservoir, four first-winters, 17th December. *
2019Theale GPs, 21st-27th November. *
2019Lavell's Lake, 2, 15th April. *
2019Theale GPs, 2, 5th February. *
2017Theale GPs, three, 28th August to 11th September. *
2013Old Slade GP, juvenile, 18th-20th November.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, two juveniles, 5th-22nd November.
2012Wraysbury GPs, adult, 14th April.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 3rd-22nd December.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, three juveniles, 17th September to 1st October, three 17th-18th September, two until 30th September, one 1st October.
2009Theale GPs, first-winter, 2nd September.
2009Lower Farm GP, first-winter, 25th January.
2008Theale GPs, two juveniles, 31st August to 1st September.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, 20th-28th August, two on 20th, one 26th and 28th.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 11th December to 11th February 2008.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 2nd August to 5th November.
2001Windsor, first year, 28th February to 6th May.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, three, 16th November to 16th December, immature 16th November, two 24th, three (immature, juvenile, one over) 26th, two (immature, juvenile) 28th, one (immature) 16th December.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 13th November to 14th December, one on 13th November, two on 14th December.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, two immatures, 7th September to 27th October, two seen only on 16th September.