Glaucous Gull

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Past records of Glaucous Gull

2019Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 10th February to 29th March. *
2018Colnbrook, 19th January. *
2017Wraysbury GPs, first-winter, 19th February, same as QMR. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 8th-20th February, same as Wraysbury GPs. *
2016Knowl Hill, first-winter, 16th-19th December.
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 3rd February.
2016Knowl Hill, first-winter, 12th January to 8th March.
2015Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 14th February.
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 28th January, also Jan 30th, same as Horton GPs.
2012Knowl Hill, first-winter, 23rd January to 12th February, same as Horton GPs.
2012Horton GPs, first-winter, 22nd January.
2011South Lake, Woodley, first-winter, 10th-15th December.
2008Colnbrook, 25th February, also QMR 25th February.
2008Colnbrook, 12th January, also QMR 12th-13th, 20th January, 6th and 10th February, Withy Bridge 14th February.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 1st January to 15th February, also 6th, 29th and 20th January, 3rd, 9th, 15th February.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, first-summer, 2nd May, again, 4th May.
2006Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 26th December.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 26th February, also 3rd March.
2005Burghfield GPs, first-winter, 14th February.
2004Newbury, adult, 29th December.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, second-summer, 11th April.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 20th February.
2002Lower Farm GP, first-winter, 26th January, same as Burghfield GP, 7th-25th January.
2002Burghfield GPs, first-winter, 17th-25th January.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter and third-winter, 9th February, also 2nd March, first-winter also seen 17th-18th February.
1999Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 21st December.
1998Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 5th February.
1998Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 30th January, also 4th and 7th February.
1998Theale GPs, adult, 28th January.
1998Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 20th January, also 29th-31st January, 13th and 26th February.
1997Wraysbury GPs, 25th January.
1996Moor Green Lakes, 11th February.
1991Cock Marsh, 15th February.
1989Moor Green Lakes, adult, 3rd December.
1989Burghfield GPs, first-winter, 25th-26th February.
1989Burghfield GPs, adult, 20th January.
1987Holyport, adult, 17th November.
1987Cippenham, Slough, first-winter, 2nd November.
1987Burghfield GPs, immature, 16th January.
1986Theale GPs, first-winter, 15th February.
1986Wraysbury GPs, first-winter, 13th February.
1986Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 1st January, also 11th February.
1985Burghfield GPs, first-winter, 23rd January, also 26th January.
1985Wraysbury GPs, 17th January.
1985Wraysbury, 15th January.
1985Wraysbury GPs, 14th-16th January.
1985Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 12th January.
1982Holyport, sub-adult, 13th February.
1982Manor Farm SF, first-winter, 2nd-4th February.
1980Theale, first-winter, 10th February, same as Manor Farm SF, 16th-18th January.
1980Beenham, first-winter, 3rd February, also 10th and 17th February. Same as Manor Farm SF, 16th-18th January.
1980Manor Farm SF, first-winter, 16th-18th January.
1979Wraysbury GPs, adult, 27th December.
1979Wraysbury GPs, second-winter, 25th February, same as Holyport, 18th February.
1979Holyport, second-winter, 18th February.
1978Holyport, adult, 9th December.
1978Holyport, 16th October.
1978Holyport, 24th February.
1978Holyport, first-winter, 14th January, same as Manor Farm SF, 12th January.
1978Manor Farm SF, first-winter, 12th January.
1977Manor Farm SF, first-winter, 3rd December.
1977Manor Farm SF, sub-adult, 7th-8th April.
1976Holyport, adult, 6th November.
1976Manor Farm SF, immature, 15th-23rd January.
1975Manor Farm SF, first-year, 10th December.
1974Queen Mother Reservoir, 18th-19th December.
1974Windsor, first-winter, 13th March.
<1974Confidential, many records.

Photos of Glaucous Gull

Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous Gull