Grasshopper Warbler

Recent sightings of Grasshopper Warbler

04/05/21Grasshopper WarblerSpeen, Newbury1A E Hickman
Still reeling from regenerating scrub on clear fell site just east of A34. First heard on 20 April so record now constitutes a permanent territory. Not always easy to hear against the din of the A34! SU450674.  
25/04/21Grasshopper WarblerSouthcote Meadows1J E Andrews
circuit lane, turn lmmediately right and follow holly brook, turn left under railway bridge.  
20/04/21Grasshopper WarblerSpeen, Newbury1A E Hickman
Reeling from scrub in area of clear fell east of A34. Also up to 5 Woodcock roding. SU450674.  
17/04/21Grasshopper WarblerCabbage Hill, Newell Green1M Green
12/05/20Grasshopper WarblerBattlemead Common, Cookham1L Ahlgren
Singing its unmistakably reeling tune over and over again, 20 meters from the mobile mast in West Field behind fencing. A pleasure to hear and surprising too. /video evidence available. SU900840.  
30/04/20Grasshopper WarblerSpeen Moor Plantations1A E Hickman
Heard reeling from scrubby grassland, competing with the traffic noise from the A34! . SU450674.  
18/05/19Grasshopper WarblerThatcham Marsh1N Cleere
m. 'reeling' close to path north of Widmead Lock. Thought I'd missed this species this spring !  
29/04/19Grasshopper WarblerKintbury1M J Dear
Abt half a mile from bridge at Hampstead Marshal along canal towards Newbury. Reeling in bushes on left.  
28/04/19Grasshopper WarblerSouthcote Meadows1P Brant
Seen and heard.  
28/04/19Grasshopper WarblerSouthcote Meadows1E Napper
Reeling on RH side approx 200m past Railway Bridge.