Recent sightings of Corncrake

27/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1A D Bassett
Called once from near the telegraph pole between 20:30 and 22:00 on a breezy evening.  
25/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1R H Stansfield
Called a few times this evening but pretty poor. Weather cold. Not seen. As per mobile 'phone text from Andy Horscroft.  
24/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1R H Stansfield
m. Still singing this evening. Heard 5-6 times quite close to wheat field edge.  
23/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1G Randall
we called 10 times 8:28pm to 10:00pm (heard only).  
23/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1N Cleere
m. calling quite frequently between 19.30 and 20.00.  
22/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1R Crawford
Called four times between 21:28 and 21:40.  
22/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1D J Mills
m. calling frequently until 04:45 on a clockwise route around edge of cereal crop. Starting near layby off main road round by field with horses in then into long grass between crop & path, last heard about 25m from electricity post. No futher calls upto 05:20 when i left.  
20/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1J Reid
Called a few times at 21.40.  
20/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1D F Callam
m. Called very infrequently from 04:30 to 06:30 from middle!! of wheat field. I thought it might have moved to the edge and been more vocal early morning. Not to be. Parakeet flew over at 06:30.  
20/06/08CORNCRAKEHurst1P Gipson
Not heard at all between 16.00 and 21.00 hrs, then only at 21.00 and 21.40. Dog walker is certain she heard it on or before June 6th - first definite summering record in Berks since 1976.  

Past records of Corncrake

2008Hurst, male, 6th-27th June.
2005Grazeley, male, 11th June.
1983Theale GPs, 24th July.
1978Theale GPs, 20th April.
1977Hawthorn Hill, 26th October.
1974Denford, August.