Long-eared Owl

Recent sightings of Long-eared Owl

Past records of Long-eared Owl

2020Confidential, 25th-27th June. *
2020Confidential, 5, 20th January to 6th February. *
2019Confidential, 27th December. *
2019Confidential, 11th December. *
2019Confidential, 25th February. *
2019Confidential, 2, 13th February to 19th December. *
2018Sandhurst, 26th February. *
2018Confidential, three, 16th January to 22nd February. *
2018Confidential, three, 10th January to 21st April, one, 14 November to 24 April 2019. *
2017Confidential, 3, 21st June. *
<2017Confidential, many records.