Grid Reference: SU8361

Recent sightings

17/06/24House SparrowSandhurst1R J Godden
m. Killed a Brown Hawker dragonfly, presumably caught at the pond nearby while it was emerging, and then flew off with it.  
14/06/24BlackbirdSandhurst1R J Godden
The Blackbird has caught two Smooth Newts from the garden pond within an hour - luckily there are plenty. Both were killed by repeated vicious stabbing to the head before the bird flew off with them, as if to a nest. The bird returns frequently to the pond searching for more, but sometimes makes do with pond snails. Photo uploaded to gallery.  
11/06/24BlackbirdSandhurst1R J Godden
m. A Blackbird has caught a Smooth Newt from the garden pond and is intent on killing it. A repeat of behaviour seen here in previous years.  
18/05/24Cetti's WarblerSandhurst1R J Godden
Singing at the Yateley Lakes on the Berkshire side of the river, per Michael Bader. SU827610.  
03/04/24Lesser RedpollCollege Town, Sandhurst12D Howes
lots of redpoles on feeders in garden.  
01/04/24Lesser RedpollCollege Town, Sandhurst4D Howes
garden feeder.  
31/03/24Great Spotted WoodpeckerCollege Town, Sandhurst1D Howes
fem. end of garden found some nuts.  
26/03/24Lesser RedpollSandhurst1D Howes
to many to count emptying 2 big feeders a day.