Grid Reference: SU8361

Recent sightings at Sandhurst

01/05/22Great TitSandhurst8D A MacKenzie Dodds
Pair bringing food to active nest low down in very small hollow on willow tree beside main boating lake at Jake's mini-farm, Sandhurst. Inside of nest clearly visible. 6 chicks. . SU826614.  
01/05/22Pied WagtailSandhurst5D A MacKenzie Dodds
Active nest at Jake's mini-farm, Sandhurst. Watched both parents bring in what appeared (in silhouette) to be small, (common darter sized) dragonflies to the nest for the young, but surely it's too early for dragonflies? These were big insects they were catching though and not mayflies from the lakes. SU826614.  
27/04/22RobinSandhurst6R J Godden
Including 4 fledged young raised in nest inside garden shed.  
05/04/22BramblingSandhurst20R J Godden
Noisy flock of approx 20 high up in trees at School Hill Copse. SU832621.  
12/03/22BlackbirdSandhurst1R J Godden
f. Resident garden Blackbird has caught a Smooth Newt and has subjected it to a long and vicious attack before consuming it. I watched a male Blackbird on several occasions in 2021 and a female in 2019 doing the same in the garden, so I can expect to witness this carnage on an almost daily basis through the spring. Is it a trick that Blackbirds elsewhere have learnt?  
04/03/22SparrowhawkSandhurst1R J Godden
m. Flew rapidly through garden.  
26/02/22MagpieSandhurst13R J Godden
At top of neighbour's beech tree.