Recent sightings of Wryneck

12/09/21WryneckGreenham Common1M J Dear
C200 yd’s east of xroads in small bushes.  
08/09/21WryneckGreenham Common1M J Dear
Similar area , south of runway, to last week. Watched for c3mins perched in small bush. Couldn’t relocate after flew.  
06/09/21WryneckGreenham1S Larkins
Negative news
No sightings for two days at RG19 8SS in case people were thinking of visiting.  
04/09/21WryneckGreenham1S Larkins
Still enjoying our garden. Second day of multiple visits.  
03/09/21WryneckGreenham1S Larkins
Back in our garden, RG19 8SS. This time in better light.  
03/09/21WryneckGreenham Common1A B Tomczynski
juv. Also nearby: Whinchat and Redstart.  
03/09/21WryneckGreenham Common1A B Merrick
SW of control tower along runway about level with western end of industrial estate.  
03/09/21WryneckGreenham1S Larkins
Eating ants in our garden!! Pictures uploaded on Berks Birds Photos. Possibly still around in nearby area - we are close to Greenham Common. Fantastic views. Water Lane, Greenham, RG19 8SS.  
15/09/20WryneckGreenham Common1A B Merrick
North side of runway though mobile.  
15/09/20WryneckGreenham Common1A B Tomczynski
Seen briefly in hawthorn and on ground at this time. Same place as originally described. Not seen since.  

Past records of Wryneck

2020Greenham Common, 15th-1st January. *
2019Crookham Common, 26th September. *
2019Greenham Common, 18th September. *
2019Emmbrook, 15th September. *
2019Thatcham Marsh, 25th August. *
2017Fobney Meadow, 30th April. *
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, 14th-15th September.
2014East Shefford, 14th September.
2014Tutts Clump, 4th September.
2013Greenham Common, 28th September.
2012Lavell's Lake, 29th August.
2012Riseley, 18th-19th May.
2010Greenham Common, 9th September.
2010Bracknell, 2nd September.
2010Brimpton GP, 31st August.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, 28th August.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th September.
2003Lower Farm GP, 27th-28th September.
2003Bray GPs, 14th-15th September.
2003Fence Wood, 11th September.
2002Queen Mother Reservoir, 24th September.
2001Wishmoor Bottom, male, 29th May to 3rd June.
2000Wraysbury GPs, 8th May.
<2000Confidential, many records.