Peter Hutchins


Recent sightings reported by Peter Hutchins

23/05/21Spotted FlycatcherPadworth Common1P E Hutchins
male. On the northern side, in the oaks between the entrance track to Oxenheath and the small pond just south of there.  
30/12/20GREEN-WINGED TEALEton WickP E Hutchins
Negative news
No sign of the bird from pre-dawn to at least this time.  
05/09/20RedstartCrookham Common1P E Hutchins
Lingering in the central area of the site, south-east of the ATC area, with Stonechat and Wheatear; very showy; also three Grass Snake, four Adder, six Slow Worm, 12+ Marsh Frog, Cut-leaved Teasel and 00's of still flowering Autumn Lady's-tresses seen.  
05/09/20Little EgretCrookham Common1P E Hutchins
In to the pools area from the south.  
05/09/20SwallowCrookham Common9P E Hutchins
In from the south to the pools area.  
05/09/20Green SandpiperCrookham Common1P E Hutchins
On the wing over the pools.  
05/09/20StonechatCrookham Common12P E Hutchins
A very minimum count early evening, including a loose gathering of at least ten south-east of the ATC area, again all birds noted about the central part of the site.  
05/09/20WheatearCrookham Common8P E Hutchins
A minimum count early evening, all about the central part of the area, in groups of up to three.  
05/09/20Yellow WagtailCrookham Common12P E Hutchins
A minimum count early evening, the majority lingering about the feet of the stock.  
05/09/20GoshawkCrookham Common1P E Hutchins
Low west, scattering wagtails and pipits. Totally unexpected and a beast of a bird!  

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