Mike Taylor

Recent sightings

13/05/24CuckooThatcham Marsh3M J Taylor
m. Three heard calling from canal towpath between here and Chamberhouse.  
13/05/24PochardLower Farm GP4M J Taylor
m. at least 4 drakes present.  
13/05/24PochardThatcham Marsh1M J Taylor
m. drake on fishing pit nearest the canal. SU506663.  
13/05/24Marsh TitCrookham Common1M J Taylor
in woodland along track from Crookham Pools to Chamberhouse Farm. SU519653. Please keep to the main paths.  
24/03/24ChiffchaffGreenham Common4M J Taylor
at least, singing. Please keep to the main paths.  
24/03/24WheatearGreenham Common3M J Taylor
1m, 2f. near central path at west end. Please keep to the main paths.  
24/03/24Golden PloverGreenham Common50M J Taylor
approx 50 on gravel area north of fireplane. Please keep to the main paths.  

Recent photos

Red-backed Shrike
Red-backed Shrike
Yellow Wagtail
Snow Bunting