Leach's Petrel

Recent sightings of Leach's Petrel

11/09/16Leach's PetrelQueen Mother Reservoir1P J Newbound
Negative newsUnable to find it this morning. Permit holders only.  
10/09/16Leach's PetrelQueen Mother Reservoir1A Absolom
still there per R.S. Permit holders only.  
10/09/16Leach's PetrelQueen Mother Reservoir1A B Tomczynski
Still present near white railings south sides. Permit holders only.  
10/09/16Leach's PetrelQueen Mother Reservoir1A B Tomczynski
South west corner. Permit holders only.  
01/04/11Leach's PetrelMain Pit, Theale GPs1M J Taylor
Seen flying and settled back on water.  
01/04/11Leach's PetrelMain Pit, Theale GPs1J Absolom
seen by alan absolom at 19:14.  
01/04/11Leach's PetrelMain Pit, Theale GPs1G Sumner
Still present on water at M4 end.  
01/04/11Leach's PetrelMain Pit, Theale GPs1S D Abbott
Also numerous Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps on walk from car park.  
01/04/11Leach's PetrelMain Pit, Theale GPs1R Gilham
Still on water, north east corner. Good views off canal path.  
01/04/11Leach's PetrelTheale GPs1I D Paine
showing well fopr 30mins. Viewed from canal path by 2nd lock from Sheffield Bottom car park.  

Past records of Leach's Petrel

2016Queen Mother Reservoir, 10th September.
2011Theale GPs, 1st April.
2006Queen Mother Reservoir, 7th December.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th November.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, 16th October.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, 30th October.
1999Theale GPs, 3rd October.
1990Theale GPs, 4th October.
1989Queen Mother Reservoir, 1st October.
1989Theale GPs, 27th September.
1983Queen Mother Reservoir, two adults, 3rd September.
1970Caversham, 8th November, flew into Berkshire from Henley Road GP.
1968Swallowfield, 13th October, found dying.
1967Caversham, 2nd November, found injured.
1952Wash Common, Newbury, 21st November.
1952Beenham, 4th November, found dead.
1952Reading, 31st October, picked up.
1950Hampstead Norreys, October, found dead.
1905Binfield, December, found dead.
1899Hurst, November, found dead.
1872Newbury, November, shot.
1847/8Eton, summer.