Ring-billed Gull

Recent sightings of Ring-billed Gull

20/01/14RING-BILLED GULLQueen Mother Reservoir1C Lamsdell
ad. seen my M McKee, earlier at Little Marlow GP - birds gate is unusuable yet again due to fly tipping, so you will have to walk in unless you have a sailign club swipe card. Permit holders only.  
07/10/10RING-BILLED GULLNew workings, Moor Green Lakes2R F Milligan
Non br adults, one amongst B/H/G and L/B/B/G unfortunately one was some distance away ill and being attacked by carrion crows. Please only view from the public footpath.  
25/03/05RING-BILLED GULLCock Marsh1P Bright-Thomas
ad/3s. Departed SE from Little Marlow GP (Bucks) across Thames, followed for at least 1km, pres heading for QMR roost. Found Wed (Alan Stevens), possibly returning 2S bird from 2004 (eye dull yellow brown, not clear).  
11/03/05RING-BILLED GULLMoatlands GP, Theale GPs1M F Walford
ad. birdguides.com.  
11/03/05RING-BILLED GULLMoatlands GP, Theale GPs1R Addison
Ad. Cracking bird. Just a few grey flecks on the rear of the crown and nape but other wise a full adult. Picked up on the water with common gulls at 17:15 but then flew around and lost at about 17:35.  
05/12/03RING-BILLED GULLLower Farm GP1J Crispin
29/11/03RING-BILLED GULLHenley-on-Thames (Oxon)1A N Stow
sat on a jetty post at J.Hooper's boat hire,first seen at 11.20am by Nigel Stow.  
06/03/01RING-BILLED GULLSmallmead Farm GP, Burghfield GPs1A Parkes
Adult in summer plumage, 13:15 to 13:20 then flew N.  
19/02/01RING-BILLED GULLReading1B McCartney
On jet-ski pit S of M4 nr Pingewood at 1630. SU 698693. Flew to THMP (RBA pager).  

Past records of Ring-billed Gull

2005Cock Marsh, adult, 25th March, flew into Berkshire from Little Marlow GP (Bucks).
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 11th April, also 21st, 24th & 26th July.
2001Pingewood GPs, adult, 19th February.
1997Moor Green Lakes, first-winter, 25th January.
1995Cock Marsh, adult, 5th October, also 25th October.
1994Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 27th November.
1994Cock Marsh, second-winter, 26th September, also 26th October.
1989Virginia Water, second-winter, 14th February.
1984Smallmead Landfill, adult, 2nd April.
1984Smallmead Landfill, first-year, 26th March.