Ring-billed Gull

Recent sightings of Ring-billed Gull

Past records of Ring-billed Gull

2005Cock Marsh, adult, 25th March, flew into Berkshire from Little Marlow GP (Bucks).
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, second-winter, 11th April, also 21st, 24th & 26th July.
2001Pingewood GPs, adult, 19th February.
1997Moor Green Lakes, first-winter, 25th January.
1995Cock Marsh, adult, 5th October, also 25th October.
1994Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 27th November.
1994Cock Marsh, second-winter, 26th September, also 26th October.
1989Virginia Water, second-winter, 14th February.
1984Smallmead Landfill, adult, 2nd April.
1984Smallmead Landfill, first-year, 26th March.