Curlew Sandpiper

Recent sightings of Curlew Sandpiper

Past records of Curlew Sandpiper

2018Fobney Meadow, two, 7th September. *
2016Moor Green Lakes, juvenile, 11th-17th September.
2014Eton Wick, juvenile, 14th September.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, 6th-7th September.
2009Midgham Quarry, summer-plumage adult, 6th June.
2007Moor Green Lakes, three juveniles, 23rd September.
2007Borough Marsh, 7th-10th September, four 7th-9th Spetember, two 10th.
2007Borough Marsh, adult and juvenile, 24th August.
2005Lower Farm GP, 17th-20th September.
2005Pingewood GPs, juvenile, 17th September.
2005Lower Farm GP, 21st May.
2005Dorney Wetlands, partial summer-plumage, 12th May.
2004Pingewood GPs, juvenile, 11th-15th September.
2002Dorney Wetlands, near summer-plumage adult, 20th May.
2001Slough SF, juvenile, 11th-16th September.
2001Slough SF, five juveniles, 8th September.
2000Lower Farm GP, partial summer-plumage adult, 24th-25th July.
<2000Confidential, many records.