Black-tailed Godwit

Recent sightings of Black-tailed Godwit

04/09/21Black-tailed GodwitLea Farm Lake1M F Walford
04/09/21Black-tailed GodwitLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1F J Cottington
Tern scrape, then flew over car park field, then re-found LFL after 09:09.  
03/09/21Black-tailed GodwitBurnthouse Lane GP, Pingewood GPs1S Ricks
Flew off high south. Please only view from the public footpath.  
13/08/21Black-tailed GodwitNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R J Godden
Flew up from pools at west end of New Workings and headed west towards Fleethill Farm. Please only view from the public footpath.  
31/07/21Black-tailed GodwitLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
One dropped onto old shingle island and remained on North end until Peregrine and Hobby spooked it. Re-found by TAG later 08:00, still present 09:30 on islets off East shore.  
19/07/21Black-tailed GodwitLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1B T Bennett
On bund. Found by Geoff Emmett.  
14/07/21Black-tailed GodwitMain Pit, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
ad s/p. Oystercatcher island.  
10/07/21Black-tailed GodwitLower Farm GP2N Cleere
06/07/21Black-tailed GodwitLea Farm Lake5A B Tomczynski
Flew in as if to land but veered off and carried on South.  
27/06/21Black-tailed GodwitCock Marsh17A D Bassett
Adult s/p islandica flew from Little Marlow GP high south over Cock Marsh.  

Past records of Black-tailed Godwit

2017Lower Farm GP, 27th September. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, 3, 9th September. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 31st August. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 25th August. *
2017Borough Marsh, 24th August. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 19th August. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, 9, 12th August. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, 1, 6th August. *
2017Pingewood GPs, 4th August. *
2017Theale GPs, 4th August. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 29th July. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, 27th July. *
2017Fobney Meadow, 25th July. *
2017Crookham Common, 23rd July. *
2017Fobney Meadow, 3, 18th July. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 11th July. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 6, 10th July. *
2017Theale GPs, 29, 9th-11th July. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, 5, 18th May. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 21st April. *
2017Fobney Meadow, 10th April. *