Hooded Crow

Recent sightings of Hooded Crow

Past records of Hooded Crow

1980Reading, 18th November.
1978Wraysbury GPs, 8th-9th April.
1976Thatcham, 27th November, also 5th and 12th December.
1976Holyport, 6th November to 9th December.
1976Manor Farm SF, 6th January to 14th February, two 18th January.
1975Manor Farm SF, 13th December, also 14th and 29th December.
1940Confidential, 19 records from 1940-1974.
1935West Ilsley, 9th May, dead on a game keepers gibbet.
1935Combe, two shot near Combe in February.
1934Windsor Great Park, 1-2 in December.
1934Combe, "some near Combe in November".
1927Manor Farm SF, October.
1920Aldworth, 24th May.