Pied Flycatcher

Recent sightings of Pied Flycatcher

26/08/21Pied FlycatcherLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1M F Walford
Negative news
No further sign. Redstart and Spot Fly still present.  
26/08/21Pied FlycatcherLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1M F Walford
carpark field (per Tim James on LWT WhatsApp).  
04/05/21Pied FlycatcherEdmunds Green, Bracknell1M Lane
male. Seen by two of us. Previously seen in ancient woodlands at RSPB Dinas. SU880698.  
09/04/21Pied FlycatcherMaidenhead Thicket1W Hollway
male. feeding.  
27/08/20Pied FlycatcherGreenham Common1M F Walford
male. Per Peter Hutchins "Just received from Dave Levy. This morning - From control tower turn left onto gravel path then 200yds on left about 50yds from path in a slightly taller bush amongst bramble.".  
03/09/19Pied FlycatcherCrookham Common1M J Dear
1w. Seen twice in trees between pools and ybw trees. Unable to relocate after it flew. With rrk.  
29/08/19Pied FlycatcherLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1R H Stansfield
1w/f. First called by me about 10:00 and photographed at 10:06. Seen again about 10 minutes later but not subsequently for the next two hours! Also seen by TAG, JMJ, GSE and several others. Record shot uploaded.  
26/08/19Pied FlycatcherWigmoreash Pond, Inkpen Hill1A B Tomczynski
1w. Took 2 hrs to see with RS. One poor view then one good. Extremely elusive. Also 2 whinchat, 3 wheatear, 1 spot fly, 2 redstart, 2 willow tit, several willow warbler, sparrow hawk at puddle,.  
26/08/19Pied FlycatcherWigmoreash Pond, Inkpen Hill1S A Graham
f/w male. Wow!!! Came down to drink in pool opposite metal gate.  
01/06/19Pied FlycatcherGreenham1J A Barnes
male. seen in gorse bushes to the east of the control tower beyond the pond at 8.30pm- a big surprise.  

Past records of Pied Flycatcher

2020Greenham Common, 27th August. *
2020Snelsmore Common, 2, 24th-26th May. *
2019Crookham Common, first-winter, 3rd September. *
2019Lavell's Lake, first-winter/female, 29th August. *
2019Inkpen Hill, first-winter, 26th August. *
2018Dinton Pastures CP, juvenile, 12th-13th September. *
2018Wishmoor Bottom, male, 19th April. *
<2018Confidential, many records.