Bewick's Swan

Recent sightings of Bewick's Swan

Past records of Bewick's Swan

2014Lea Farm Lake, two adults and one second-winter, 28th December.
2012Moor Green Lakes, two adults, 16th February.
2012Dorney Wetlands, three adults and one juvenile, 2nd January.
2010Cock Marsh, two adults and three immatures, 5th-6th December.
2010Wraysbury GPs, three adults, 30th November.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, five adults and three immatures, 24th December.
2009Moor Green Lakes, adults, 20th December.
2009Borough Marsh, 12th December.
2008Lower Farm GP, four adults, 30th December.
2007Remenham, two adults and two juveniles, 3rd January.
2003Wraysbury GPs, two, 4th January.
2002Lower Farm GP, two, 10th October.
2000Widbrook Common, two adults and four juveniles, 19th-23rd December, seen at Summerleaze GP on 23rd.